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By | March 16, 2017
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While are many reasons to rewrite an article, the skill of article rewriting is one that few people actually possess. One of the reasons people have for rewriting an article is in order to obtain two copies of the same material. One copy they will use for directory submission and the other will be supplied directly to the customer. In this way you providing unique content to the customer for their own use and separate unique content to the web. Once posted on the web it can be copied by others but provided the customer holds a unique and separate copy you will have fulfilled your rewriting obligation.

When it comes to article SEO, you are likely to be in competition with hundreds of other websites sharing many similar keywords. Creating back links on the sites, if possible, is an effective way of boosting your SEO.Yet it may not be enough to push out the competition from other websites with similar content. One mitigating approach is to create alternate versions of the article and submit these to multiple directories. It’s very important that alternate articles read naturally and in a coherent sensible and logical manner. It is likely that the meaning conveyed within them should be the same. Keywords should be around 1% and the content of the pages must be relevant to the keyword search that you intend for the article.

Use The Same Article with Different Keywords

Articles are sometimes rewritten because the customer intends to use the article for multiple keywords. This task demands a different style of rewriting because it is unlikely that two keywords will mean exactly the same thing. Appropriate synonyms are sometimes difficult to find; usually there is a slight difference of nuance between two words, especially depending on the context of its use. It is necessary in those instances to adjust the article to fit the vocabulary being used. For instance, in a discussion of marketing techniques, you might think that the terms “internet marketing” and “online marketing” mean the exact same thing. This is not remotely so. “Internet” functions as a noun or adjective and “online” functions as an adjective or an adverb. While one is able to work “online,” one does not work “internet.”

One of the pitfalls you run into is that one word or phrase can’t always be used interchangeably with the other; article rewriting is much more complex than mere word substitution and requires a good literary grasp of both grammar and vocabulary. It’s in this area where we’ll find many rewrite attempts fail; through misuse of grammar and/or misunderstanding of the parts of speech. Failure to understand the complexity of speech – noun, adjective and adverb clauses for example – and failure to capture the tone of the original writing leads to failure in the rewrites.

Rewriting Scraped Articles

A common request made to rewriting services is to reproduce an article in such a way that it does not have any similarity to the original write up. The customer appreciates an article but likes the entire article to be revised or rewritten so that basic facts are preserved but the style is varied from the original. The new article can be so intelligently reworded that that the customer now becomes the new author and the original writer does not get an inkling of it.

It is all this work necessary?

Instead, it would be far more advisable to write an original article from the beginning. It is not only simpler, but enjoys legal standing too. Authors are then able to give their personal touch to the article than attempt at copying another person’s work.

If at any time in future, you are keen that an article has to be rewritten, first of all what you’re actual purpose is. If you choose to rewrite, then you may wish to engage experts to do the job. You don’t want to damage your credibility.

You need to be clear about your objective the next time you want a rewritten article. A redraft may not always be appropriate. It is often easier for an author to write an original piece proficiently rather than duplicating another author’s style. Revising and modifying a piece of article is not as easy at it sounds. It requires a unique skill and proficiency to preserve the uniqueness of the article.

Remember not to ask for a rewritten version if an original work can be obtained. A professional writer would prefer to build an original article than to imitate another person’s writing skills. If the core of the matter has to be retained, article rewriting is not as easy as people imagine it to be.

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