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By | February 25, 2017
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One of the most recent marketing tools utilizes the most time trusted ways an Internet marketer uses to extract traffic and back links to his site, and this new tool is called Article Video Robot. As everyone may recognize of the most long-lasting and conventional tactics of promoting your site is article marketing. With the rise of video sharing sites like You Tube, Metacafe, and Google Video, video marketing becomes an extra outlet for the Internet marketer to ponder.

While you have been marketing Online you have no doubt written many artilces and or have PLR articles that are to no use to you any longer. So how can we re-purpose them and grant you instantaneous benefits for your websites?  To think about re writing those artilces will cost you a lot of time and give you a headache. To compensate someone to do that for you will cost you money and risk the content not being up to level..

How about taking into consideration fresh ways to take benefit of a promptly increasing marketing medium like cell phone mobile communications. The way to take advantage of these markets is by way of video marketing..  If you ever wanted to explode your niche utilizing video is the way to go.

How can we place our marketing labors so that we take advantage of this video marketing? First alternative is to employ an specialist to crop your videos and then deliver them to all the top video sharing sites. On the other hand you can exercise a screen capture software and produce your own videos. Any way, you’re taking about an enormous amount of time or money to apply to this markeing method.

And that is where Article Video Robot comes to my attention.  Take advantage of now being able to mix the content you crop with this promising and escalating market. It is such a fantastic surprise to find this piece of software. If you have been around long enough in the IM field you know there is a lot of build up on all new product launches.  Testing things for yourself in Internet marketing is vital to your achievement as an Internet marketer. Video marketing is no different. Software is great but its still a tool that needs to be operated. You still have to select the proper keyword combinations that turn into conversions.

As a big admirer of the Article Video Robot, I have been able to get a coupon code for those who are interested in taking their marketing labors to a new level. At The Article Video Robot Coupon blog you will see live videos and examples and how well the software produces, as well as more articles and information about the program.

Within the software you can decide from 7 or 8 voice overs, pictures, backgrounds, and music. Literally copy and paste an article into Article Video Robot and you can have yourself a live talking video in less than 5 minutes. The system will then walk you through so you can set up accounts at the top 17 video sharing sites. Once that is completed you can now with one click of a mouse, submit all your videos to 17 video sites. When your submission has completed Article Video Robot emails you a report and location to all your videos.

Lastly, if you would preferably turn your video into an AVI or other format you can certainly do that just by clicking on that option. Now you have the choice to upload to blogs, web 2.0 sites or video sites at your own discretion.  

To conclude I have never seen something so simple to use and reasonably priced to the kind of functionalilty you get with The Article Video Robot, and I would higly advocate anyone give it a try and see for themselves.

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