AliveMax Review – Is AliveMax a Scam Or a Good Business Opportunity?

By | February 21, 2017
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AliveMax is a health and wellness company that offers oral-spray nutrition as well as a business opportunity for people to join as resellers of their products and earn commission, as well as recruiting a downline of resellers and earn commission of their efforts as well.  The real question is simple – is AliveMax a good business opportunity, or some sort of weird pyramid scheme?  We review that here.

AliveMax – The Good

AliveMax offers a very creative way for people to consume nutrition – through oral sprays.  They have a variety of sprays, including anti-aging sprays, multivitamin sprays, and an energy spray.  The reason that AliveMax recommends these nutrients be taken in a spray is that they purportedly have higher absorption rates.

The company itself is a newer opportunity, founded by noted Internet marketer Nauder Khazan.  They run on a binary compensation plan, which pays on a variety of personal and team bonuses, profit pools, as well personal sales.

AliveMax – The Other Side Of The Coin

Being a network marketing company, reps are taught standard network marketing business-building principles, such as:

  • Making lists of family members and friends, and marketing to them
  • Doing 3-way calls with upline leaders
  • Handing out business cards and flyers
  • Using “opportunity-seeking” leads
  • Handing out product samples
  • Using company-replicated websites

These types of techniques are the fastest ways to get a business started (enrolling a couple of people into a downline), but typically, reps find themselves without nowhere to go after the initial warm-market pursuit.  This is why it is so important to understand the principles of how to attract people that are already looking for your product and service, and who are already interested in what you are marketing.  The easiest way to understand these principles are:

  • Use tools that target the masses – the phone and Internet and copywriting
  • Target based on your markets needs
  • Build a message that appeals to those people

That’s really it.  Success in AliveMax or any other business comes down to understanding these principles and applying them effectively into your own organization.

In conclusion, AliveMax is certainly not a scam.  It’s a legit opportunity, but the difference between making or losing money is knowing how to market effectively beyond your friends and family.

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