Advertising and Marketing Trends in 2009

By | March 14, 2017
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Advertising trends are changing every day. Marketers are always in search for new and effective ways to reach the target market before the competitors. However, if you monitor the changes in advertising and marketing trends for a few years, you will be able to see some regular changes. For example, online advertising is an unavoidable element in any marketing mix. Just to add, these developments do not occur all of a sudden. These are often a continuous growth or development over a long period.

So what are the advertising trends in 2009?

If you look at the advertising trends of 2008, you would see that many companies are investing on green marketing. In addition, we can see the same trend growing in bigger number in 2009. Especially if you look at the car branding, many companies are coming up with environment friendly cars that run on alternative fuels. Many experienced marketers think that this Going Green is not just a fancy trend any more. People have already started believing in this concept and the immediate need of taking some action. However, we would some changes as the Go Green concept runs. Today it is not enough that you advertise the Go Green concept. You must add a comprehensive story and show that your business or organization is actually supporting the cause.

As far as market segment is concerned, baby boomers are still the most important marketing demographics. More than 80% marketing professionals rank the boomers in top as an important or the most important demographics to target. However, generation X and Y are following them very closely. In addition, in 2009, the same trend will continue without much change.

As far as marketing trends are concerned, we can see some changes like these:

The marketers are more concerned about better customer satisfaction for better customer retention rate. This is somewhat different from the marketing trends of earlier years. In earlier years, when internet was developing into a great platform to get huge number of targeted visitors, marketers concentrated mainly on reaching more people. The equation was simple – more people = more business. However, now it is also important that you retain the existing customers. Marketers are now more concerned about reaching the niche – and this trend will continue even in 2009 – they are looking for better ROI.

Apart from that as far as online branding and marketing is concerned, social networks and social media promotion will gain more popularity. Marketers and advertisers will be trying different avenues to reach target market. In addition, the whole process will revolve around more personalized or one to one solution rather than one solution for all. To add to this, there would be much emphasis on quality product development.

To add to all these marketing and advertising trends, you will also see that people, even the small business owners, will be investing on branding brand loyalty development. Marketers will spend more time to find out niche to reduce the cost per customer.

These are some trends that we may see in marketing and advertising industries in 2009. However, irrespective of your marketing or advertising strategy, we would recommend you to develop a comprehensive and believable story around your brand.  These stories will set you apart from your competitors.

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