“4 Quick Tips to Get People Interested in What YOU Do”

By | March 11, 2017
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By Victoria Player, the “Online Marketing Coach”

I recently put a survey together asking my list what their most important question was in regard to marketing and growing their business. The results showed a common theme. Many of you enquired, “How can I get people interested in what I do?”

In this article I share some tips to increase your visibility, get the attention of YOUR target audience and help elevate your expert status, making YOU the natural choice.

This week whilst I was working with a client I was asked a similar question. Jane (not her real name) explained that she’d been attending a number of local networking events, collecting business cards and following up with those that she’d met. She’d also spent time using Facebook and Twitter. Despite consistent effort she’d been unable to generate attention and still had nothing to show for her efforts. Jane wanted to know how to capture interest and then turn that interest into income!

1. Demonstrate your expertise

This will quickly filter out anyone who is not part of your target market and immediately give you a greater return on your investment of time. You’re ONLY communicating with those that WANT to hear your message. Marketing becomes much more enjoyable because you’re not forcing yourself on people who don’t want to hear from you.

2. Write an article on your area of expertise

Your article should recognise your target audiences’ wants, needs and problems just as I’ve done here. I’m answering my readers’ questions and challenges whilst simultaneously building rapport and breaking down the scepticism associated to buying. Publish your article within your ezine and post to article submission sites across the internet.

3. Repurpose your content

In light of the current economic downturn it’s vital to make a PERSONAL connection with your audience. Use media such as video or audio to repurpose your article. Chop it up into 140 characters for Twitter tips. Post it at your blog and drive traffic from Facebook. Chop it into sound-bites for a series of audio tips to share on Friendfeed or video yourself and post it to YouTube.

4. Use social proof

Nothing builds credibility more than other’s showering you with praise. It’s also a powerful tool in leading people to buy. It works on the idea that, if everyone else is doing something then you‘re going to want to do it as well. Here are examples of Tweets I received yesterday that I re-tweeted (RT) to my social networks: –

RT: @SusanSavery @VictoriaPlayer Hi Victoria – great coaching call yesterday, I spent the rest of the day doing research lol thanks again for your fantastic marketing ideas! xx Ps the video diary is great : )

RT: @TerriBelford @victoriaplayer love your new audio/video blog Victoria. http://snurl.com/fvea8

RT: @Richard__White Just finished listening to free audio by @victoriaplayer – very useful tips on making internet marketing work for you: http://bit.ly/97vX3

Offer proof where possible by including testimonials, comments and case studies within your content. These can then be broadcast within your ezine or across social networks.

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