2015: Marketing Trends to Watch out for

By | March 9, 2017
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While the basic principles remain the same, marketing has contemporized with the growing technical advancements and customer evolvement. The customers have become more active and are far more aware of their likes and dislikes, surroundings, and the latest in the market. With digital explosion, customers are fairly more reachable and expect brands to act more accountable and responsible for their products and services; which leads to transforming the way marketing works. Here’s sharing some top trends guiding you through 2015:

Personalized Marketing

It’s time for customized messages and services. With so much competition and options in the market, personalization is the way to lure the prospect. And even a prospect is looking for a product or service, which is specifically designed for his/her specific needs. And to help us in all this is Big Data. Companies have collected and have a fair amount of data to understand their customers and their needs, it’s now time to analyze that data and make sense out of it to lure the prospects and give them exactly what they are dreaming of.


Customer Experience Counts

Experience it, to believe in it, is an old saying which stands true and rather shall be the anthem for all the marketing assets going forth. Right from the website, road shows to the physical store experience, everything matters and each one needs to be in sync with the brand identity and brand experience. And don’t forget customer is the king, so treat them likewise. Make sure you are present at all the possible avenues including social handles, digital avenues like apps, mobile site, etc., or wherever your prospect might search you on. Let’s make it consistently beautiful and relevant.


Images, Videos over Plain Content

Prospects are savvier to brand messaging than ever before and they are vocal about their opinions too. So make sure while you are not that pushy but yet relevant and latest with the offerings. On the same lines, while content still plays a big role but how you present it matter more now. An engaging, eye-pleasing, and refreshing way is preferred over the boring long paragraphs of explanation. Try adding a real testimonial, or a brand manager talk about its products, prospect prefer interaction over one way information overloading. And try to share and use different mediums to reach the target audience.

Also talking about content, it is about SEO and SMO and not SEO v/s SMO. Both the assets need to be used in tandem for far-fetching results.


It’s all digital

I expect everyone to have already gone responsive or mobile-friendly and if not? Then what have you been waiting for? Christmas? Ok even that is around now. Big shout out to please go mobile. Desktop or a laptop are not the only devices, rather going by stats, forget about smartphones even tablet sales have surpassed computer sales; a definite indicator of what lies ahead and how you need to be prepared for 2015. Similarly, make sure all your marketing campaigns, including content is device friendly and looks great everywhere.


Marketing Analytics

And finally analysis, the driver of the whole engine, strategy, campaign or whatever you might want to call it. Analysis is necessary to drive the above all points right from personalized marketing to an effective customer experience. Social handles for instance act as valuable repositories of data about your existing and prospective customers, make sure you intelligently analyze their needs and behavior to make most in setting upcoming marketing strategy. And to make this easy and quick, marketing automation tools could be of great help. They could act as an analysts as well aid you in automating your marketing campaign.


While above are some must-haves to take care in 2015 but these are certainly not the only ones. With the coming year, we shall certainly see some new trends setters  and so we suggest in addition to above trends, keep your senses open and be agile and real-time marketer.

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