10 Tips to Grow Your Business in a Recession or Economic Downturn

By | March 7, 2017
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While there is widespread disagreement as to if the U.S. economy is on the edge of a depression, a recession or is just experiencing an “anxiety economy”, no one can argue that the financial crisis is not having a huge ripple effect and its going to take years to work out.

Rick Erling, President of The CxO Group, LLC, a Dallas, Texas Business Coaching and Performance Improvement firm adds “Today’s uncertain economic times are forcing all executives, managers, and business owners to adopt new strategies for navigating through the current business downturn. At times like these many companies prefer to move into a survival strategy to ride out the storm. Survival strategy, while conservative, has one underlying problem. In today’s hyper-connected economy things can unravel quickly, and when your business is not growing and improving it is falling behind and headed for extinction. Keep in mind that even though your business may be slow today, your business will return to profitability in the future, IF you do what is necessary to survive today. “

So, what are you going to do? Let employees go? Cut back on marketing? Squeeze your current clients for more money? Yes, you can do all of this, but is that going to help? What can you specifically do during a recession to grow your business profitability?

Rick adds, “Now is the time for you to re-evaluate your strategies. The CxO Group has published a complementary Special Report, 10 Tips to Grow Your Business in a Recession or Economic Downturn. In the report we’ve listed ten effective, proven, practical keys for maintaining profitability-with the latest, best information and advice direct from one of the world’s largest management consulting groups focused on helping companies increase corporate revenue capture that will help you answer those questions.”

Anyone wishing to receive the complementary special report titled “10 Tips to Grow Your Business in a Recession or Economic Downturn” can visit this special link http://growth.thecxogroup.com  to download this invaluable special report. Alternatively, you can contact us by email at  [email protected] or call (972) 727-6880 to request a copy.

The CxO Group specializes in CEO Coaching and Business Performance Improvement by integrating financial management, strategies, marketing, and sales tactics to maximize corporate revenue growth. We use a copyrighted methodology to advise CEOs on action steps to take to grow revenues, consult with management staff on best practices and train sales and marketing teams on tactics and strategies that put your business value in front of you so your prospects see you differently than your competition and take action steps to buy.

 “A recession is when your neighbor is out of work. A depression is when you are out of work.” Rick Erling – President, The CxO Group, LLC

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