Wow Mobile – Great Cell Phone Service and Business Opportunity or Just Hype

By | March 12, 2017
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WoW Mobile, which was launched in September, 2009 is a cell phone service offered by Liberty International. Liberty is an 11 year old debt-free referral marketing company. In addition to Wow Mobile, they offer a wide range of products including nutrition, beauty, anti-aging, VoIP home and business phones. Soon they are launching WoW TV, an Internet Satellite TV service that will display high definition TV on your cell phone, computer monitor or TV set.

Wow Mobile uses the tag line, “Refer Three, Get Yours For Free,” and it is a fast-growing service. It also says that their model is “the future of wireless communications.” Obviously, it made me curious to see if there was a “catch” and if the business opportunity really has merit. Here is what I discovered.

The WoW Mobile Cell Phone Service Offerings

There are three different service offerings: (1) Talk – (2) Talk and Texting – (3) Talk, Texting and Internet Access. Your monthly cell phone bill will range from $59.95 to $89.95 depending upon the plan you select. The monthly price includes taxes and fees.

There are NO credit checks, deposits, contracts, or cancellation fees. Additionally, when you refer three customers to the Wow Mobile service, your cell phone service is free. When you do so, there are NO monthly bills. The only “catch” is that the people you refer have to sign up for the same level of service to obtain your service for free. For example, if you sign up for the “talk only” plan, you are required to refer three others to the “talk only” plan to qualify. However, you are allowed to change your plan accordingly.

The WoW Mobile Phone

Although WoW Mobile does provide a phone, you do not have to purchase it to participate if you have a GSM phone. GSM stands for “Global Service for Mobile Communications,” approximately 70% of the world uses the GSM technology that is incorporated into the Wow Mobile service.

If you have an unlocked GSM phone, you can purchase a SIM card from Liberty International. This allows you to use your current phone with the Wow Mobile service. There is a one-time charge of $24.95 for the SIM card. However, wireless web surfing and tethering will only work on phones that include those particular applications.

What impressed me is that the Wow phones are equipped with a free unlimited multiuser “WiFi Hotspot,” a 5 megapixel flash-ready camera, as well as many other impressive features. Wow Mobile warrantees the phone and provides technical support on the newest android platform. Essentially, your Wow Mobile phone not only serves as your cell phone, it also replaces any expensive aircards and associated monthly charges that you are incurring for your laptop’s internet access. In a public place, your Wow phone allows you and others to send unlimited data through multiple devices and you can still use your Wow Mobile phone to make calls at the same time.

The WoW Mobile Service

The Wow Mobile cell phone service is supplied by Tier 1 providers. These are the actual companies that offer the cellular service to cell phone users. The reception and coverage is above or comparable to other “Tier 1” cellular service providers. Currently, service is available in the U.S. including Alaska and Hawaii, as well as Puerto Rico.

How about the WoW Mobile Business Opportunity

Those who decide to participate in the business opportunity with this virtual company are referred to as Independent Representatives (IRs). There are three levels of business opportunities that range from $99 to $499. Each has a potential earnings cap, however even the $99 investment has a potential six figure return. IRs can earn weekly commissions with 100% overrides on their ENTIRE team’s effort. The IR also gets paid weekly and payments grow as more people join the down line. Unlike other referral networking opportunities, you are not required to make expensive monthly product purchases. You can (1) just buy the service (2) just participate in the business or (3) do both. If you participate in the business, when you refer three others to your plan, you get your cell service for free. Additionally, you are paid for their participation and for their referrals as the down line grows. Wow Mobile does pay promptly on a weekly basis.

The WoW Mobile business model provides it with a competitive advantage over other cell phone service providers. By competitively selling a service that everyone needs, providing unique technology and not relying on an expensive retail business model, they keep overhead low and use the money as incentive to help the IRs make an attractive living. It is an excellent viral marketing business model.

Like any other business opportunity, you need to educate yourself to ensure if it is right for you. My research shows that with such a low cost of entry and the opportunity to help people to eliminate their cell phone bill and earn additional income in this tough economy is worth the effort. However, joining the right WoW Mobile team is essential to your success. Ensure that they provide you with both support and training.

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