WordPress Express-Is it any good?

By | March 2, 2017
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What is all the buzz about WordPress Express? Why is everyone who is into Internet Marketing suddenly talking about it? Well, there are a few good reasons.

WordPress Express is designed to save you time building websites from scratch. If you are in the field of Affiliate Marketing you know the importance of having your own website. Not only does it act as the best way to put your reader in the buying mode for the product you are promoting, it also is gives you a platform to build mailing lists so you can send your visitors reminders about newer versions or updates of your products. And remember, a visitor usually takes about 7 reminders to turn into a customer.

If you are planning to use PPC methods on Google, Yahoo or MSN, you really need a good website as your landing page or you are wasting you money and efforts. Without an attractive, professional looking and relevant website, you are like a chef without his knife, plus a WordPress Express Website has a faster route to the top ranking searches in Google, Yahoo and MSN.

Having stressed the importance of having your website, it is very clear that most of you new to Affiliate Marketing are trying this out on the side and may have very few hours in your day to put in. Many of you might have little or no knowledge of html or anything to do with building a website (I am one of those). There is enough to learn when you are starting out in this field to get you overwhelmed and keep you really busy for months and months. That is where WordPress Express comes in. WorpresS Express is a tool that will help you create a functional, one of a kind, scalable website that you can control in minutes.

If you are like me, you would like to know how WordPress Express compares to other similar products. I will say that if you compare the cost to value ratio itself, WP Express wins hands down. Plus the learning curve with other products like Dreamweaver is much much steeper compared to WP Express. Please  click here to see a comparison between WP Express and other competing products.

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