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By | March 18, 2017
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Videos are the popular medium to record beautiful moments of our life. We feel the news happening before our eyes and we experience it more closely when we see the live scenes and recorded footage of news events. We find many mobile videos related to different topics on internet. We can find videos of any TV programme we missed or any gossip video of celebrities or any popular event. We find some videos so interesting that we like to watch it again and again. We often download it from internet. Now we can also watch these videos on our mobiles. Our mobiles are equipped with latest features which can store these videos and can display these videos whenever required. Internet videos mostly exist in .flv, .mpeg, .wmv and .avi format.

Mobiles don’t support these formats. Mobiles only process .3gp video format. So, it is necessary to convert these videos into 3gp format so that mobiles can display it. Once a person gets these videos downloaded on his PC, these can easily be converted into 3gp format with the help of video converter. These 3gp videos can be transferred to mobiles with the help of data or USB cable. Some sites already have free mobile videos which can be downloaded to mobiles without any conversion. Now we can watch famous movie clips, Hollywood albums, Bollywood songs, mobile wallpapers or any interesting video on our mobile. Mobile videos provides us the medium to shift all the fun present on internet to our mobiles. The videocam feature of mobiles also enable a person to record a video. A person can record video of any important event or memorable moment of his life. As it is possible to download videos from net and PC to mobiles, similarly it is possible to transfer videos from mobile to PC and internet. Mobile videos has made it highly popular. A person often likes to share interesting videos with his friends. He can transfer it to his friends mobile with the help of bluetooth. Bluetooth works only upto a certain distance. So, it is necessary that both mobiles should be in close vicinity to get the data transferred.

We can enjoy videos on our mobile even when we don’t have labtops or desktops and internet connection. A person can’t have video cam always with himself, but he can have a mobile to record the sudden unexpected, surprising or memorable moment.Mobile videos are among the most interesting features of mobile that people often like to use by watching, recording and downloading.

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