Using the Four Main Types of Direct Marketing Data Lists

By | March 14, 2017
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Choosing the direct marketing data list best matched to a target audience is a sure fire way of building success into a marketing campaign. Our advice will ensure your direct marketing data selections are the right choice for ensuring maximum ROI from your campaigns.

Data lists fall into four main categories.  These can be broadly classified as: lifestyle consumer data, modelled consumer data, electoral roll consumer data and business data.

These categories hold information on individuals which range from basic details such as name, address, telephone number and email address to more sophisticated information such as lifestyle preferences and buying behaviour.

Lifestyle consumer data

Lifestyle consumer data is information personally provided by consumers in response to specific questions. Because people have opted to give their information and provided answers to specific questions, the quality of the resulting data is ideal for targeting particular consumers or consumer groups.

Data attributes describing who they are, how they behave and their purchasing habits for particular products and services are of great use to marketing professionals in targeting the most suitable prospect for their offer.

Lifestyle consumer data can also be tagged to an existing database to provide additional consumer intelligence for organisations.  Creating greater insight into customers for use in targeted direct marketing campaigns.

Examples of variables available for targeting consumer groups include; income and employment, insurance renewal dates, home ownership, date of birth, holiday destinations, income and employment, shopping preferences and pet ownership.

Modelled consumer data

Modelled consumer data is created using census information and other transactional data to provide a model of consumer income, spending habits and other preferences to a certain geographic area.

Verifiable assumptions about income and lifestyle are assigned to postcodes that creates broadly applicable information to a type of area people live in.

A data list is generated by simply choosing data attributes that match your target consumers, which then supplies a suitable list of postcodes for contacting through a direct marketing campaign.

Though the data contained within a modelled database is not as in-depth as the personally focused lifestyle consumer data, modelled databases come into their own for large campaigns.  Each database can hold millions of entries and are ideal for campaigns with broad reach and wide appeal, especially for reaching all those consumers who have chosen not to opt-in to lifestyle surveys.

Electoral roll consumer data

The Electoral Roll is one of the main sources for modelled data. This is the data supplied to local councils by residents and usually only consists of basic information such as name and address.

Business data

As the name implies, business data is information about businesses and the people that work there. Business data typically includes categories such as names, job titles, telephone numbers, type of business, email and web addresses as well as business addresses.

Above all when looking for data lists the key to success is using a reputable and professional list broker.

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