TVI Express Review – Legitimate Home Based Business or Not

By | March 17, 2017
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Who Is Travel Ventures International?

Founded in early 2009, TVI Express is a top tier travel and generosity company with a home base in London, U.K. The company launched in India and then opened in China and are on path on the road to be in more than 50 countries extremely soon. Less than a month ago, it’s August 2009 now, Travel Ventures International Express (TVI Express) was made available to the United States and Canada. I reveal this because the company has already grown to more or less 190,000 representatives worldwide.

Make no mistake about it TVI Express has great leadership and a great business TVI has a great mission, and that is to “Show people away to make positive

How Does The TVI Express Business Work?

TVI Express is one of the top veiw who are leading the pack and showing how On the way to get started with this business you have to purchase a travel voucher for a 7 day and 6 night stay good at a 3-5 star hotel. The asking price for this voucher is $250. You also get your own company website and back office at no additional charge. In fact, after you pay the $250 there are no further charges of any kind. And the travel voucher is worth a great deal more than the $250 you paid for it.

Do You Want To Know The Simplest Way To Grow Your TVI Express Business?

Having a System is going to be the fastest way to get your business off the ground.

How Are You Marketing Your TVI Express Business?

In a network marketing or direct sales business model. There are a lot of reasons that 97% of the people in the network marketing A lot of companies have a great compensation plan, but they don’t have any In other words that residual income comes from the sponsors helping and training the folks they brought onboard so they can make sales and a percentage goes to their upline (hence residual income). That concept works best in theory because it doesn’t truly promote TEAM and support.

For illustration, if you are a successful marketer for a direct sales company and the majority of people that you signed up are lost and not making any money you’d have to use time from your marketing efforts (aka how you make the bulk of your income) and use it on them. Now after a while, actually a short while, you’re going to end spending time on activities that aren’t making you money, meaning those people should find someone else to train them or fend for themselves…this cycle repeats itself throughout the industry and goes from company to company.

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