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By | March 15, 2017
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A few years ago, the term ‘logistics’ was linked with only a few practices including transport, courier, supply etc, however, the changed scenario at present has added many new aspects to this term. Supply Chain too has gone through the same phase and modern chains are no longer disconnected from each other within the business model. The association of technology with these services have not only boosted their performance but also brought convenience to the end users. Tech-savvy professionals are supporting their enterprises with the latest mobility devices and applications in order to be at the front row when it comes to compete with them.  

Due to the direct and easy reach of mobile apps among users, these companies are embracing their services and bringing change into what they have been doing up to now. With the help of mobile apps, companies are tracking inventory and shipments, establishing procurement transactions and re-ordering processes, teaming up in real-time with supplier partner both internal and external. The following study throws more light on the apps that help Logistics and Supply chain achieve success in their operations;

Scandit Barcode Scanner SDK

This is an award-winning app, which transforms, tablets, smartphones and wearable devices into enterprise-grade barcode scanning tools for employees and users. The Scandit Barcode Scanner Demo app displays the barcode scanning performance of the Scandit Barcode Scanner SDK. Scandit keeps itself apart from the rest of the barcode or QR code scanners by not demanding the data to be perfect for the process. This app also comes with the feature of cross platform capabilities.


Although, this app does not cater to the requirements which enterprises linked with logistics, inventory management and warehousing generally have, however, its dynamic and extremely useful tools enable you to organize your work effortlessly. Using this app you can write, collect and capture ideas as researchable notes in a variety of formats, checklists, notebooks and to-do-lists. You can use its camera to capture, scan and comment on pieces of papers such as printed documents, business cards, handwriting and sketches.


This app is especially designed for Android devices that track vehicles, drivers, shipments and clients. Simply register and start operating your tasks on the go. Logistics is one of the best solutions to the queries of the enterprises associated with warehousing. This app comes with a few exceptional operational capabilities which offers help when you juggle with your warehouse and logistic operations. Simply install this mobile app solution and get the visibility of your enterprise extended.       


EazyStock is inventory optimization software, which lowers costs on one hand and boosts the availability of your speedy turning more profitable items on the other. Having convenient API integrations with any Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) tool, inventory professionals can automate acquirement and refilling procedure that were just a work of guess and slashing into profit margins. The KPI dashboards display how things are piling up and where you can cut down the cost. Above all, this app is available absolutely free for users.

CoPilot Truck

Emerged as a game changer for the logistic and chain supply industry, CoPilot Truck basically offers you a map and direction for the best routing. This is one of the vital apps for the professional driver industry. Unlike from the average Google Maps app, CoPilot comes loaded with a few unique features as well as algorithms that help drivers drive on more accurate routes. These routes are based on the more dynamic information including the kind of load for dangerous material transport, routing parameters and recommendations on the height of a truck as well as the weight.


GasBuddy is a very popular app, which is dynamically built for the Logistic and Chain supplier industry and it lets you locate the cheapest gas station nearby. It dynamically assembles information from a giant user base in Canada and the United States to help you find the cheapest cost across a number of different stations. This can pave the path of a serious saving for the fleets hauling freight across the country and saving some cents per gallon; thus, can contribute a lot in this saving.

 Service Max

This app is appeared on the horizon as one of the major tools for field service management. Its 100 percent establishment relies on the Salesforce1 platform and it seamlessly establishes an association with service contracts, parts management, order management, social media customer monitoring, workforce optimizing, customer communities and analytics into an organization’s sales force system. As far as creating an end-to-end view of your service organization is concerned, ServiceMax offers a 360 degree outlook and regardless of location, its technicians provide help to give apt solutions to the customers’ issues. Its unique features like Smart Sync, an easy to use calendar, one touch native link, automated pricing rules and many more make it one of the most dynamic tools.

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