The Processible Plastic for Mold Making

By | June 18, 2017
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1. Introduction
The processible plastic — Hongke materials is a basic casting materials with excessive density, excessive precision and excessive stability and is appropriate for chopping in excessive velocity. It’s broadly used overseas in aviation, navigation stage properties, and electrical equipment the place top quality mould and module are required.
Concurrently, solely few nations on the planet are in a position to produce this sort of processible plastic. With the event of excessive expertise, the demand for prime quality mould with an advanced curve form, and tough approach in manufacturing is growing, On account of their very own limitation, the normal casting materials corresponding to plaster, paraffin and wooden and so on, cannot notice CNC numerical management rnanufactuimg and fulfill the necessity for improvement. Subsequently the processible plastic replaces the primeval mould making materials. Significantly within the 90’s, with rhe unfold of numerical management manufacturing approach, the phenomenon is much more excellent. In early 80’s, comparable supplies has been invented for smiuktmg chopping arid mould making on numerical management machine, however in our nation this kmd of fabric relied completely on import till 1997. This absolutely demonstrated the significance of this sort of materials for our mould making trade. For instance mould making,casting mould,plastic injection mould and so on.In response to statistics, until April 1998, now we have already 400 set of numerical management heart (5 axises, 5 axises) of our mould making trade. It confirmed product simulating chopping requiring processible plastic. The demand is clear. As laid out in 95 nationwide plan, the annul output after 2000 of vehicle will attain 2 million 7 hundred. Some 175 to 440 sorts of primary physique kind of vehicle will depart for renovation and reform. The cycle for vehicle kind renewal is 6-10 years in our nation. Within the foreseen years the processible plastics might be used extra extensively in life. Subsequently the processible plastics – Hongke plastics is produced to fulfill the demand, its efficiency index has already reached the worldwide normal for likewise merchandise.

2. Develop of the product
In the intervening time, solely few nations are in a position to manufacture processible plastics worldwide. Earlier than 97, china has spent over tens of tens of millions US on this materials. To provide and nationalized the fabric and to chop the fee and substitute the import merchandise change into urgency. It is a frequent data that mold-making trade is the mom of recent trade. It’s a important image of trade improvement of the nation. One can not separate the event of mould materials when speaking about mould making. Within the current years, our mould making trade is transiting into modem trade improvement, CAD/CAM approach, numerical management manufacturing are broadly used, consequently the requirement for the mould materials is larger. As soon as a technician of a well-known mould workshop focus on with us about producing a type of primary casting materials for prime velocity chopping on the numerical management machine, which shouldn’t be transfigured by the method,
of which the quantity of abrasion of the knife needs to be low, and would not take up moisture
and is antisepsis, with a adequate diploma of end on the floor^ and be preservable over
long-term. The manufacturing unit is allotted with CAD/CAM approach along with superior
numerical management manufacturing heart. However the so-called ” processible materials” has been
relied on import, which is pricey to purchase and provides an extended cycle for supplying. Therefore we
made a survey over the mould making trade, and the outcome verified that the fabric has
a possible enormous market. At the moment, no such materials was accessible nationwide, it’s completely
relied on import. Subsequently Honke materials co. Ltd. started to have interaction itself on the analysis
and improvement of the fabric, through the formulation of the prescription, by means of
choosing numerous chemical construction of macromolecule to regulate, modify, and add ancillary
preparations and filling, can put together double element mash like materials and panel
materials of various excessive and low density and efficiency index. When basal materials is in
the essential system of macromolecule, add totally different modification monomer materials of all
situations, corresponding to elasticizer, activator, and filling and so on can tremendously enhance the
technical efficiency of the processibel materials. Beneath is a short description at preliminary interval of matching the fabric and response process.
Of which Rl – diphenol U- ammonia ester conjunction radical
R- radical or hydrogen – place of exercise core
Hongke processible plastics has been recognized because the provincial new product in 12, 1999, the serial quantity is Liao Jing ke jian zi No. 991072. The unified conclusion of Slie consultants is Hongke processible plastic is the provoke of the nation, which reaches the: Worldwide normal and might compete with the congener merchandise overseas. Aftei Hcrgke processible materials got here into market, by 2-year trial making rind sdiing, it gained the reward of the trade and is ready to substitute the merchandise of similar class overseas. For instance mould making,casting mould,plastic injection mould and so on

three.pracal applicalions
As for vehicle bumper, utility of Hongke 970850 processible plastic, which has a singular tough built-in design, is the mould construction not accessible overseas, and it doesn’t require bonding. From the product design we perceive that mould materials which have the next traits 1. Spare materials 2. Save value three. Save the manufacturing time, are thought-about extremely by the businesses of the trade.

four.options and performance
Hongke materials is attaining credit from the trade for three nice traits, that are
simple to fabricate, excessive stability and low value. The of the fabric, accommodates
the necessity for the event of the trade, shorten the mould making interval, decrease the fee and lift the precision. Copy the mould with the unique, the fabric chosen for copying the mould would not shrink, the soundness of the dimension is sound, the adopted materials has no in poor health impact on the unique metallic and non metallic mould, simple for clear, has no restrict on the dimension of the copied mannequin, can alter the time for mould making at will, Hong Ke Materials ensures the uniformed solidity of the copied mould, it’s a beneficiary for the surface dimension of the entire mould, and lift tremendously the standard of the mould product.
four.1 Excessive precision, gentle weighted, relevant for every kind mould design.
four.2 Excessive exact processible plastics, simple to fabricate manually or by machine, excessive stability of the dimension.
four.three Affirm CAD/CAM program, mould design, compound mould, and simulate construction mould.
four.four Fundamental mould fabricate, basal mould fabricate, copy mould, solid mould and clamp.
four.5 Use beneath the situation of rotate velocity of 1 OOOrpm/min of the knife in milling

heart, Hongke product isn’t disfigured or destroyed and so on.
four.6 Acceptable rigidity, use zero.66mm milling chopping, with a depth of 10mm, chip elimination is regular, lengthy lifetime of the knife.
four.7 After Hongke processible plastics is manufactured, the floor of the fabric has a excessive diploma of end, it’s appropriate for publish orders strategies corresponding to and spray portray.
four.eight The measurement of the reproduced mould has a excessive stability, the made clamp efficiency has already reached the efficiency index of like merchandise overseas.
Hongke Materials density 078g/ cm3
Qiba Materials density zero.77g/cm3
Thermal enlargement
Identify Temperature Relative elongation indicator Common linear
enlargement coefficient
°C X L0 ~ * X 10 ~ e/ °C
Qiba Materials 20 zero zero
Hongke Materials 20 zero zero
Qiba Materials 50 1.643 41.1
Hongke Materials 50 1. 682 51.1
Qiba Materials 60 1.794 52.1
Hongke Materials 60 2. 201 55. 9
Bend Resistant Power obb (check situation span 30mr, indenter diameter 20mm)
Identify Coloration of the Pattern Sena resistant energy bbb(mpa) Pattern
measurement # 25
Hongke Materia! white 32
Hong Kong Materials purple 26
Stress Resistant Power
Identify Coloration of the pattern y
Hongke Materials white strain resistant energy is 26 tbb -,
Hong Kong Materials purple when attain strain resistant energy 25, Djrt?
bbb destabilized.

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