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Guidelines for Creating Great Products

Online marketing, generally, involves selling your product or service over the internet, with the objective of achieving good traffic and sales. A great product, if it does n0t penetrate the market, is as good as lost. Your competitors have won the battle. Products must sell, and needless to say, effectively. Marketing online requires planning and… Read More »

A Review on E-marketing services

<!– @page { margin: 0.79in } P { margin-bottom: 0.08in } –> E-marketing services stand for the electronic marketing services. It is also called internet or web promotion. It includes all those activities that are employed by the marketers to promote their online businesses. Nowadays having online presence is essential as it enables a marketer… Read More »

The TO-DO List for foreign investors when entering China market

Pre-Market Study*: To get information on the business and economic situation of China, the political climate as it affects foreign investments, and basic analysis of specific industry sector, including market scale, average overall cost, geographical distribution, relevant regulations, existing competitors, and channel of trade, etc. * You can entrust Sino-Link Consulting with such Pre-Market Report… Read More »

Internet Marketing Certification Online: The Everyday Affiliate

The Internet marketing industry is rapidly taking over as the main vehicle for advertising a business or product. And there is no mistaking its overwhelming power for businesses that are predominately ran online. With this amazing growth, comes more position openings for Internet marketing and the need to certify and train potential marketing professionals. In… Read More »