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SMS Text Messaging Coupons – They Don't Have to Be Annoying

In the early days of mobile marketing consumers happily accepted and even participated in text marketing campaigns.  But as text message marketing has matured, consumers have reported that it sometimes becomes bothersome and feels intrusive. SMS text coupons have one of the highest response rates of all advertising mediums, so it is understandable why businesses… Read More »

Marketing Concepts

Marketing Concepts  *Dr.P.Shanmukha Rao  **Dr.N.V.S.Suryanarayana Market:  The concepts of exchange and relationships lead to the concept of a market.  A market is the set of actual and potential buyers of a product.  These buyers share a particular need or want that can be satisfied through exchange relationships. Marketing means managing markets to bring about profitable… Read More »

Izigg Critical Review

What is happening in the latest beta opportunity available on the mobile marketing market? Time will shortly reveal. The members of Izigg takes tribal members of the Jason Borne and Brian Underwood team and puts them into another large niche that takes small businesses advertising interests into consideration. In my previous article I reveal the… Read More »

Advertising Through Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing-Mobiles have become major personal devices of all people around the world. Many business experts are suggesting that mobiles are more competitive to computers. These small devices are offering many other facilities other than just letting people to make calls. It is true that Internet marketing is on the rise. But mobiles have further… Read More »

Understanding Sms Marketing

Understanding SMS Marketing Introduction Short Message Service (SMS) is a wireless service available on digital mobile networks. It enables the transmission of text messages between mobile phones and other systems such as electronic mail, paging and voice mail. Up to 160 characters can be sent and received through the network operator’s message system to the… Read More »

M-commerce and its applications

M- COMMERCE AND ITS APPLICATIONS Dr. (Mrs).R. RAJESWARI, Reader in Commerce, Sri Sarada College for Women (Autonomous), Salem -16.  INTRODUCTION                     “Mobile Commerce is any transaction, involving the transfer of ownership or rights to use goods and services, which is initiated and/or completed by using mobile access to computer-mediated networks with the help of an electronic… Read More »

Online marketing – what it is and why does it matters

Digital Marketing:  The process of promotion of brands, products, merchandise or services through one or more forms of electronic media platform is digital marketing. Like, publicity through any digital mediums that might be called as the aspect of the digital marketing strategy of a business. That might include promotional efforts through the Web, mobile phones,… Read More »