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Email Marketing Blast Software

One of the most successful tools for online marketing has been email marketing blast. It is a cost effective and time saving quality solution which creates a great opportunity to provide interested subscribers with valuable and considerable, well presented promos. As the emails are sent out to only interested parties, they result in very high… Read More »

Instant Blog Subscribers Review

Walter Bayliss has developed a program designed for new internet marketers or even veteran marketers that distributes 200 or more Instant Blog Subscribers to anyone who cares to participate. If this sounds like another flash in the pan program that will be gone tomorrow, guess again.  Over 2,500 people got their blogs up and running… Read More »

Small Business Marketing: – Enjoy Clear Direction & Peace of Mind

The return on investment for the engagement of MJH Group for Small business marketing is based on the following; Business Growth • Increased sales and profit from effective strategy and campaign outcomes Marketing Strategy • The insight and direction provided by our strategic recommendations • Provision of a documented strategic marketing plan which acts as… Read More »

Mascots Make an Impact on Sales

Have you ever wondered why companies use mascots to promote their products? What about schools or sports teams that have prominent mascots to bring awareness and inspire fans? Mascots are an important part of our culture and a very effective sales tool. Read on to learn more! What are Mascots? Mascots are characters used to… Read More »

Benefits of a responsive website

A responsive website is the one which makes use of a responsive web design while developing the website. Whereas a responsive web design is an approach of web design aimed at providing an optimal viewing experience that means the ease of panning, resizing and scrolling a website on any type of computing device. A responsive… Read More »

Creating a Corporate Writing Style

Writing style refers to the words and expressions – as well as to the spelling, grammar and punctuation – a person uses when writing letters and memos. Each of us has a personal style of writing which, like our speaking voice, is usually recognizable. To distinguish itself from its competitors your company also needs its… Read More »