Promotional Fridge Magnets – Advertise Using Refrigerator Magnets

By | March 12, 2017
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Perhaps one of the traditional ways to promote any product or cause to the household is through magnetic promotional items. Promotional fridge magnets have been around for ages, and they are the most common strategy in promoting a business to the market.

There are probably a lot of refrigerator magnets in one household and most fridge magnets come from promotions and most of the magnets that you can find in a household have brands, business names, or business logos on them. Some refrigerator magnets even have papers and notepads attached to them. This can be very convenient especially when it comes to reminders such as electric bills, phone bills, etc.

Different Kinds of Promotional Fridge Magnets

There are different kinds of promotional fridge magnets. Some of them are the following:

  • Ultra thin fridge magnets are available in different colors and can be as thin as 0.5mm. The thin magnet is advantageous for marketing your business or company name because they are lightweight and durable for a long-term advertising approach. 2-mm magnets also are durable and cost less and add to the utility of the product. Ultra thin fridge magnets can come with different designs, ranging from action figures to cute cartoon characters, depending on what type of design your company chooses.
  • Standard acrylic refrigerator magnets are also one type of promotional items availed by most companies. Promotional acrylic magnets come in quality thick design ensuring image durability that suits your long-term advertisement image. Promotional fridge magnets are always available in clear acrylic or you can choose from a range of colors with an average size of 70.5mm x 45mm.
  • Jumbo acrylic magnets are also available if you want to go with the size of your promotional item. These magnets have quality solid design which gives excellent image quality with your business message and campaign.
  • Two-dimensional PVC fridge magnets are made of polymer plastic, which can also be found in most inflatable products. This kind of refrigerator magnet is soft and durable and has a two-dimensional image. PVC magnets represent an effective way to get your campaign across consumers as they can be in cute and funky designs and can come at your own choice of shapes.
  • Customized or personalized promotional fridge magnets are also very effective as they come from a wide variety in which you can choose from. Some have their customized fridge magnets in the shape of a computer, a house, a can, cellular phone, and many others.

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