QR Codes: When and where to use them in Advertising

Quick Response (QR) codes were originally developed in Japan for use in tracking inventory through automotive manufacturers. Built on open source code, the technology quickly spread to other industries, including marketing. In the mass communications field, they are now used to connect companies and firms with customers and prospects instantly. They are quick, cheap and… Read More »

A Brief History of Banking

Although the general perception may be that organised banking is a relatively new phenomenon that has only developed over the last few centuries, the reality is that has been in thriving in one form or another for almost 3,750 years. It was during the heyday of the Babylonian Empire from 1728 – 1686 BC that… Read More »

Why You Need to Adapt Your Sales and Marketing to Fulfill Your International Client Expectations

Why You Need To Know Your Clients Expectations Before You Outsource Your Customer Support Overseas Clients from different cultures have different expectations on the type of service you provide them. And when you outsource your customer support to another country you may open your company’s communication up to a whole new set of cultural blunders.… Read More »