Amadeus Consulting Discusses: What Ever Happened to Windows Phone 7?

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Earlier this year, Microsoft® announced Windows® Phone 7 (initially called Windows Phone 7 Series), which will become its next offering in the mobile operating system market. In conjunction with the announcement, Amadeus Consulting also announced that we are offering preliminary development of custom applications for Windows Phone 7 so that companies can have applications ready for the launch of the first Windows Phone 7 phones, set to debut later this year.

Since that initial announcement we have seen a lot of interest in custom development for Windows Phone 7 apps, and have had many companies interested in building on the hype that will accompany the initial launch of the first Windows Phone devices.

To help companies interested in a mobile application for future Windows Phone 7 devices, but who are unsure where to start, we have compiled some of the major features of Windows Phone 7, and why they matter. Specifically, this article covers:

  • What makes Windows Phone 7 unique as an operating system
  • Why Windows Phone 7 appeals to business users
  • Silverlight, XNA and other interactive technologies in Windows Phone 7
  • What to expect from the hardware (the actual phones)
  • Some insights into the Windows Phone 7 App market
  • Finding a developer to make the app for you

Also, for those interested in having an application ready on launch day of some of the most anticipated phones yet, there is still time to order a fully custom Windows Phone 7 app for your corporation, business, startup or entrepreneurial venture. Contact us today and let’s get things started before time runs out.

Moving Past Windows Mobile

Windows Phone 7 picks up where Windows Mobile 6.5 left off, but it makes a huge leap forward making the platform very competitive with Apple’s® iOS 4 (Formerly iPhone® OS), and Google’s™ Android™ OS, in terms of features and capability.

In fact, even describing Windows Phone 7 as a “huge leap forward” from Windows Mobile is an understatement. Microsoft has taken a ground-up approach to redesigning its mobile operating system and has improved every aspect of the operating system in a remarkably positive way. They clearly have put a lot of thought, effort and testing into designing a product that is easy and intuitive to use, without skimping on power and capability.

The user interface on Windows Phone 7 is also distinct from Apple’s iOS 4 and Google Android™, which gets rid of the traditional icon view and replaces it with larger blocks and “hubs” that many users say they prefer because of its simplicity and ease of navigation.

Before we jump into some of the specific details, some quick benefits of Windows Phone 7 include:

  • Complete Microsoft Office® Integration, including Outlook®, Excel®, Word®, Powerpoint®, Calendar, and more
  • Massive Industry Support, including hardware commitments from Dell, Garmin-Asus, HTC, HP, LG, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, and Toshiba, and commitments from carriers such as AT&T, Deutsche Telekom AG, Orange, SFR, Sprint, Telecom Italia, Telefónica, Telstra, T-Mobile USA, Verizon Wireless and Vodafone
  • Support for Silverlight® and XNA® for high quality game development, as well as quick portability of applications across platforms.
  • Support for 3rd party advertisers and ad integration into applications, including ads in Silverlight®
  • Emphasis on business productivity, gaming, and community building. A perfect environment for app developers

Unprecedented Business Integration

Windows Phone 7 focuses on is business users. According to Microsoft, 90% of the target customers for Windows Phone use their Smartphone for business purposes, and 61% use their phones equally or slightly more for business than personal use.

As a result, Windows Phone 7 combines familiar tools such as PowerPoint®, OneNote®, Word®, Excel® and SharePoint® into a single integrated experience via the Office® hub. It also integrates rich email, calendar, and contacts, as well as allows businesses to utilize existing IT investments like Exchange and Exchange ActiveSync® to support Windows Phone access to enterprise assets such as corporate email.

In addition to deep integration of Microsoft Office, Windows Phone 7 provides advanced security options, including support for secure data transmission through 128 or 256 bit SSL encryption.

Gaming and Interactivity

Although it appears that the phones will be marketed primarily towards business customers, game developers for Windows Phone 7 will also have a huge advantage with the platforms support of XNA, which is the development system used for gaming on the Zune HD® and Xbox 360®.

Another big feature of the Windows Phone 7 is its full compatibility with Silverlight. Silverlight provides interactive capabilities similar to Adobe® Flash®, and can be run across a multitude of devices and platforms. Microsoft boasts that Silverlight developers will have an incredibly easy time porting their existing applications to the new platform, although there will be some tweaking necessary to comply with the look and feel of the phone UI.

Microsoft has also expressed its intention to provide Silverlight support on the Xbox 360 and Zune HD, which means that developers will eventually be able to bring the same app to the Web, PC, Personal Music Player (PMP), Console and phone with relatively little pain.

Hardware Capabilities

Microsoft has also been flexing its muscle to create minimum standards for the new Windows Phone 7 Phones, which are being manufactured independently. These standards are intended to ensure that applications are as compatible as possible across platforms, rather than requiring different versions of applications for each platform, or limiting features on applications in order to increase compatibility on different devices. These minimum standards include:

  • At first, only large 800 x 480 (WVGA) touchscreens will be permitted, which means that applications should have little trouble with being visually compatible across different phones – a problem with Android phones which often have different sized displays which creates UI problems.
  • Five specific hardware buttons are required: Start, back, search (which integrates with Bing services where appropriate), camera button, and power. Some devices might have more, but these are the baseline.
  • Capacitive multitouch with support for a minimum of four contact points, though no more than two are used by any of the platform’s six native gestures (developers are welcome to use as many as they like).
  • A Qualcomm Snapdragon CPU with DirectX 9 graphics support. Microsoft says the platform is flexible enough to expand to other chips in the future, but right now it’s all Qualcomm.
  • 256MB of RAM or more
  • 8GB of internal Flash storage or more
  • WiFi
  • AGPS
  • Accelerometer
  • FM radio!
  • 5 megapixel camera or better with a flash

Microsoft has not yet announced a specific release date for Windows Phone 7 phones, however it is rumored that LG may have phones ready as early as September, with other developers ready by October or November of this year. In addition to LG, many other developers have been confirmed to be working on Windows phones, including Dell, Garmin-Asus, HTC, HP, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, and Toshiba. Motorola, which has developed many other mobile and portable devices for Windows Mobile, and Windows Embedded systems, has not yet confirmed that it is developing Windows Phone 7 devices, even though many rumors and reports indicate otherwise.

App Development

As both a positive and negative, development for Windows Phone 7 is substantially different than development was for Windows Mobile.

Windows Phone 7 uses technologies, such as XNA and Silverlight, which are less familiar to most do-it-yourself app developers. This means that there will likely be a smaller number of applications for Windows Phone 7, than for Android™ and iPhone®, but the applications that are available will tend to be much higher quality, since they will be done primarily by experienced developers.

App development also benefits from unique cross-platform integration. This means that with very little additional investment, a mobile application could be transformed into a web app, a program on a PC, an app on the Zune HD (essentially the equivalent of the iPod Touch), and eventually an app on the Xbox 360.

This means that with almost the same investment, an app can potentially return 5x the value as an app on other platforms, which are much more device-limited. Of course, this will be substantially affected by the actual adoption rate of Windows Phone 7 phones, but it nevertheless benefits from the massive player base of Xbox users, being compatible with PCs and the fact that it is usable as a rich Internet application.

As a note on the overall mobile market, Windows Mobile still maintains 19% of the smart phone user base, as of Q1 2010, according to The Nielsen Company. This compares to Android’s 9% share, and Apple iPhone’s 28% share. Although at the time, RIM Blackberry still held the largest share with 35% of the total smart phone market. It will be interesting to see how these numbers change by next year, once the iPhone, Android and Windows Phone 7 operating systems are all in full competition together, added in with new editions of Blackberry and whatever HP and Palm end up throwing into the pile as well.

In either case, this is a unique time for marketers and developers to build and launch applications in conjunction with the initial unveiling of one of the biggest operating systems in the mobile smart phone market.

Also of note is that every major US carrier has made commitments to carry Windows Phone 7 phones. This is a major boon to app developers, since the potential user base for the apps will not be limited by the “population” of an individual carrier. This is different from the iPhone, for example, which is limited to only AT&T’s subscribers.

Amadeus Consulting – an Optimal Choice for Custom App Development

Amadeus Consulting is a custom software development company. This means that people hire us to create software and technology solutions that fit their needs, vision and budget. In the past few years we have developed dozens of mobile applications for all types of clients, from movie production companies to banks, restaurants and independent entrepreneurs.

Amadeus Consulting started in 1994, specializing in commercial websites, and quickly expanded into rich Internet applications, database solutions, and many different areas of software technology. In fact, in 1997 we started developing custom mobile applications for the very first version of Windows CE, and in 2000 we developed the first paid online game for Microsoft Game Zone.

In the time since, we have grown and expanded into a full service custom software company, fully capable and gold certified in Microsoft Technologies. We’ve also earned ourselves a collection of awards, certifications and recognitions, and regularly work with some of the world’s largest and smallest businesses.

In other words, we have the experience, efficiency, and capacity to create complex mobile applications that can help you reach your business objectives. This may include integrating your application into current business systems, providing location-based solutions, or connecting directly with your customers. Our services even extend to helping market and provide visibility for your application so it does not get lost in the app store. We also encourage you to visit our site and view our client success stories page to see how we have helped others create custom mobile applications for businesses on the iPhone, iPad and Android platforms.

We are always open to new clients and would love to help your business get the jump on Windows Phone 7, so that you can be there on the launch day of one of the most anticipated phones yet. Contact our business development team and start your Windows Phone 7 development today.

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Making Blackberry Apps

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As everyone is busy in making an Android and iPhone apps but you should also know Blackberry has also an app store. Blackberry apps can be developed on any platform that allows java development. In Blackberry apps Development there is a huge scope to earn lots of money. Blackberry enterprise server has a rich history and is the most secure enterprise mobility device management solution available. In the meantime, things in the market have gotten bit busy and more than a bit challenging for IT background.

BlackBerry plans to release just one or two new devices this year, and both will run Google’s Android platform rather than BlackBerry’s own operating system. Developing Blackberry apps is very easy for any developer, you should need –

  • A Computer
  • $200 if you want to submit an app.
  • Java Skills.

AppSquadz Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is a Topmost Blackberry Application Development Company in India. In the Blackberry App Development we are an offshore company and having more than 50 programmers to develop successful blackberry apps according to the client’s Specification. AppSquadz Technologies Pvt. Ltd. primary aim of our Mobile Application Development services is to accomplish maximum contentment by the customer centric, secure solutions with in the given time.

Scope with AppSquadz Technologies Pvt. Ltd. in Blackberry App Development-

AppSquadz provide advanced features of Blackberry, AppSquadz Technologies Pvt. Ltd. assure you to offer the goal-centric custom App Development. Today AppSquadz Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is the Best Blackberry Mobile Application Development Company in India. After a successful delivery of quality rich and satisfactory solutions in many countries. We have become one solution in India and overseas with 100% customer contented ratio. AppSquadz Technologies Pvt. Ltd. BlackBerry development team is well-versed in developing the enterprise and business application to provide amazing experience.

Blackberry has been cheerfully used over the years. But the public remembers great innovators – especially in the enterprise space. Any professional working in the early naughties will remember with fondness what Blackberry did for mobile communications. All genuine mobile enthusiasts will be holding onto the faintest glimmer of optimism, hopeful that by some small miracle, Blackberry will one day rise from the ashes.

In February BlackBerry further increased its partnership with Google by extending the server to manage Android Lollipop devices, teaming up with Google’s ‘Android for Work’ enterprise mobility management biz. It has also partnered with to make 240,000 Android applications available to BlackBerry users through the Amazon App store. So Blackberry has a huge scope in coming days.

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iPad Apps Development – iPad Application Development by Newly designated developers

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Apps development companies are active again after the inception of iPad from Apple Inc. The wave of developing something different is refreshing the technology world.

Professional iPhone developers are enthusiastic with their new designation of iPad developers in their respective companies or apps development centers. Actually, iPad apps can be developed by utilizing iPhone SDK (software development kit). Well, iPad is the latest device introduced from Apple Inc. after capturing the market with iPhone & iPod, iPad is more powerful & vast and it can run more effective applications. Since, iPad is invented by the manufacturer of iPhone, so most of the gadgets & functions are the same, but little bit elaborated with more power allowing the users work more efficiently.

According to industry professionals, “newly designated iPad developers know that innovation & design is most vital in robust iPad application development. People are expecting more from their technological and imaginative skills. Expectations are now turned from iPhone apps to iPad apps and the search for professional iPad Apps Developer Company for high quality iPad Application Programming is mushrooming.”

Thousands of iPad applications are easily available on the Apple stores, but the craving of custom iPad apps will never end. Demand of iPad applications is rising continuously and simultaneously, iPad application development prices are also increasing. Industry intellectuals and examiners are expecting more rise in price. For developing affordable iPad applications, master iPhone development companies have come forward with a solution of converting the iPhone apps into iPad apps. It is easy due to same SDK can be used for developing iPad Apps, which iPhone developers were using for the long to develop iPhone applications.  It seems great for short-term as well as long-term for technology users. Common users will be happy like developers, isn’t it? Everyone likes to use, which is suitable to their needs. Professional iPad developers are the best solution to these modern users of technology. Anyone can find iPad application development on the World Wide Web easily to meet desires and convert the imaginations into robust apps. A wide range of iPad application development services are available and dissimilar offers from professional iPad development companies.

The few common services, which are offered by the professional iPad application development companies are iPad games development, iPad eBooks Publication Application Development, iPad web application development, iPad social networking application development, Application migration and porting for iPhone/iPad, iPad music application development, iPad business application development, Custom iPad application development, iPad travel application development and many more. All these applications can be easily enjoyed on the amazing 9.7 inch multi-touch wide screen.

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Platform Requirements for Windows Mobile Development

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As companies embark on mobile application development in order to satisfy business needs (whether it be Android, iPhone, Blackberry, Windows Mobile development, or whatever), a number of requirements to a mobile platform emerge. Most critical of them are as follows:

1. Desktop application integration. This includes accurate data synchronization with encryption and possibility to manage data offline. If you need timely access to important data stored on your desktop, including e-mails, event alerts, and customer data, than proper integration is a must.

2. Multi-tasking. Due to a limited character of mobile device resources, multi-tasking is one of the key ways to increase productivity. (Though it’s okay with Windows Mobile development, this may be an issue for iPhone or Android developers.)

3. Minimization of traffic amount between a server and a mobile device, which contributes to time and cost savings.

4. User-friendly interface that allows accomplishing necessary tasks by fewer operations.

5. The last, but not the least of requirements is lower total cost of ownership (TCO) and support costs. Implementation of a mobile platform across the enterprise must be estimated beforehand and such factors, as support and upgrade costs, are of importance, as well.

Each platform provider offers its own mobile solutions to satisfy these requirements. Microsoft, for instance, is getting prepared for Windows Mobile 7 launch, which potentially would also improve Windows Mobile development experience. Google, on the other hand, armed with the forthcoming Google Nexus One, is trying to compete by incorporating Android with existing Google Apps, such as Google Docs, Gmail, Google Calendar, and other. Apple puts emphasis on business features, providing integration with MS Exchange, as well as data encryption, GPS, etc.

However, according to Evans Data survey, Windows Mobile development is still dominant in comparison with RIM OS, Mac OS, and Android development. 50 percent of mobile developers are targeting either Windows Mobile 6.0 or Windows Mobile 5.0 platforms. The reasons why the number of businesses operating on Windows Mobile is overwhelming, include the following:

• Apart from Outlook integration, Windows Mobile offers such Microsoft Office Mobile applications, as Excel Mobile, PowerPoint Mobile, and Word Mobile. These applications have gained so much popularity that they are universally implemented across various industries.

• The TCO of the Windows Mobile platform is 15-24% lower than that of the RIM Blackberry platform over a three-year period. And there’s nothing to be surprised at, since the native support of Exchange ActiveSync removes the need to invest in additional software, integration, and other Windows Mobile development efforts.

• Windows Mobile, being a .NET-based platform, gives users a possibility to gain all advantages of Microsoft Office and other Microsoft-based applications.

Though being sometimes criticized for its clumsy user interface, Windows Mobile, compared to other mobile platforms, is, to the maximum extent, a business-oriented technology, which is, naturally, determined by the marketing strategy of Microsoft, concerning Windows Mobile development. The good thing about it all is competition that drives all of these platform providers to new enhancements and innovations, which, in their turn, help better satisfy the mentioned requirements to business application development.

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Which The Best Place To Hire Android App Developers?

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If you have any requirement to develop for Android Application, you may hire a developer from android app development companies to suit your business needs. Laitkor Infosolution is one such company that aims to provide all round Android app development and security assistance.

The best place to hire Android app developers

  1. Laitkor Infosolution is ranked among the top app developing company for many years. It provides all kind of web and mobile development assistance with multiple projects. You can hire any number of developers as per your requirement.
  2. Before hiring any developer for your project, you must assure if he/ she has the qualifications and experience to back up any claims of being a “skilled Android developer”.
  3. Laitkor is an online network for the top developers and designers, and they have a number of developers who are an expert in Android App development. The company also provides a number of free resources to help you out along every step of the way.
  4. Laitkor sources talent from all over the world, so if you really want the best place to hire Android app developers, you should check it out. Preferably than hiring a freelancing developer, it is recommended to trust a company which is more experienced and talented. Hiring app developers from Laitkor delivers you robust mobile app that boost your business progress.
  5. The company provides experts of various platform and technologies as they ensure accelerated methodologies and consistent progress towards development of mobile app.  You can find a lot of developers on freelancing website but you must look at the experience and work security to provide you an expert team panel which is possible only through a company.
  6. To hire a developer, you need to send requirement and set-up discussions regarding project (including design, features and cost aspects etc.). Coding should be done by experienced programmers and high end testing must be performed on the project completion. The delivery of the project must be done before or till the expected time.
  7. One of the main advantages to hire a developer from laitkor is, the Android app development cost is comparatively economical to other company and it takes less development time.

To hire an android app development companies, you must consider the project requirement along with time and cost factor. The skill and portfolio of company and developer must be properly viewed and then steps to be taken towards app development. The coding and programming must be simple and convenient.

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iPad Application Development, iPad Apps Development, Hire iPad Tablet Application Developers

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iPad Application Development

iPad Application Development India brings forward exclusive application development services for the newly launched Apple iPad. A large, high-resolution LED-backlit IPS display, an incredibly responsive Multi-Touch screen and an amazingly powerful Apple-designed chip…all defines the new sensation from the house of Apple, the all-new iPad Tablet PC, redefining innovation and design. Sporting the look and feel of an iPhone or iPod touch, but on a larger scale, the new iPad tablet supports a lot of newly designed apps.

Though the makers expect that most iPhone and iPod Touch applications would work fine unmodified on the iPad, as an iPad Apps Developer Company, we understand running every iPhone application, as it is, on the iPad may not necessarily be optimal or desirable. iPad Application Programming for creating iPad specific apps provides you to take advantage of the all new features of the iPad that precipitates an absolutely incredible experience on the big iPad screen.

Selecting iPad Application Developers/Programmers for programming creative and professional iPad Tablet Apps is often like rolling the dice. You need developers adept at iPad Application Development, because for a variety of reasons, they are expected to create iPad-specific applications that aren’t intended for iPhone use. iPad Application Development India helps you to materialize every kind of application you intend to have in your iPad Tablet PC, customized to your needs and requirements. We have the talent and expertise to build Apple iPad applications that could provide an ultimate and realistic user experience on the 9.7 inch multi-touch wide screen.

Our teams of iPad Application Developers who’ve created ingenious applications for Apple’s renowned iPhone are now poised to explore new opportunities for the new iPad Tablet. The adroit developers at iPadi use official SDK for iPad Application Development. Our diverse teams of iPad Application Developers/Programmers are adept at programming and developing creatively designed personalized apps for Apple’s new marvel, the iPad tablet. We have profound knowledge and expertise in iPad apps programming to design and develop several complex custom applications across diverse categories, for our clients and business partners.

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About iPad Application Development India:
iPad Application Development India, a professional iPad apps development company is all set to develop custom-made iPad tablet PC applications for our clients based on profound experience of more than 7 yrs in providing bespoke and ingenious solutions for all modern age popular phones like the iPhone. We have the talent and expertise to build Apple iPad applications that could provide an ultimate and realistic user experience on the 9.7 inch multi-touch wide screen.

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Mobile app development Pune: Ways to find one!

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It is not at all simple to choose a company that has experience in creating mobile application for your business. You might have read and heard about a number of companies. What you need to do is separate the ones that offer you really good services and price with those that offer you so called good pricing and services. In the past, there were only some companies that offered such services at affordable prices. At present, there are a number of companies that can confuse you while you are looking out for one. Thus, there are a few important essentials that you need to consider before you hire the mobile app development pune firm and below mentioned are those:


Choose companies that are familiar with building mobile application

There are uncountable companies that can help you with mobile app development firm that will offer you the services. One thing that you need to keep in mind is that do not hire the company that is not related to your nature of business. This means that you would not want to hire a online gaming developer for your e-commerce website. Consider choosing a app development company that possesses in expertise in your field.


Do not keep price as a priority

You might have seen a number of advertisements on the web especially on the social media. These ads are made in such a way that attracts the customers. The main point of attraction is the cheap price for the service. This is one thing where many businesses make a mistake. They hire the services according to the price charged. This is something that should be done. Keeping price at the top on your priority list is a wrong thing. Make certain that you determine the quality of services that the mobile app development Pune offers you and then consider the price whether it is worth the quality of services offered or not.

Business understanding

One of the most important things that you need to look at is that the firm that you choose understands your business. When this criterion is met, you can get the minor details that you are looking out for. The mobile app development Pune company needs to understand every information that you provide them with thoroughly. Make certain that they have all the doubts cleared in case any.

Get the best development services from professionals at

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5 Signs Self-Cannibalism Taking a Toll on iOS App Development

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If consumers have strong reasons to choose iOS, then businesses and marketers definitely have stronger reasons to target them. Perhaps, the latter cohort is fairly acquainted with the opportunities tapped in the affluent iOS consumer market. However, there are strong signals that iOS users are not so happy with the kind of experience they get from the apps installed. And this self-cannibalism not just erodes the trust of app owners but also those who are behind it, i.e. iOS app development companies. Root Info Solutions finds a deep echoing of the user dissatisfaction and urges iOS app developers, sometimes also  referred to as Swift app developers owing to the language used, to swing into the damage control mode.

54% of iOS Users Uninstall an App Due to Overwhelming Push Notifications

Excess of anything is bad! How come push notifications be an exception to it. What is considered as a key to drive user engagement can become a weapon to destroy the same. This is alarming for app owners. They should keep in mind that over promotion can backfire and compel users to uninstall the app. There is also a key takeaway for Swift app development professionals. A greater sense of responsibility lies with them in terms of integrating their app with the Apple Push Notification service to ensuring that user-experience is not getting compromised.

2. 64% iOS Users Don’t Return to an App Over 11 Times

This is again a lost ground and opportunity and likely to get captured none but the competitors in the market offering better mobile experience. That your app has got qualified by App Store or iTunes is a matter of pride, but it’s not enough to let you get conversions. Apart from innovating your products or services, you need to innovate the user experience of the app. Make the user’s journey easier and their experience rewarding. Urge your Swift app development company to keep your app relevant with time leveraging the capabilities of the iOS SDK, operating system and the device both.

3. Apps Resorting to Hype are More Prone to Uninstallation

This time, we shouldn’t blame the iOS app development company. Here the fault is with the marketing agency, if you have hired one. If not, obviously, you have to take the onus. You might be using multiple-channel of customer acquisition including organic, Google AdWords, social media ads and more. It’s cool, you are going right. But what is expected is to go ethically and portray the right capabilities of your app. Getting users is important but there is even more important to retain them in the long run.

4. Exit Gate is the Only Way if your App is too Inquisitive

Unless you offer some exclusive information or service that users can’t get anywhere else, it’s recommended not to go with too much of formalities regarding registration or signup. An app that asks for too many permissions or unnecessary information is likely to see the exit gate. Even if, you do so, keep the process as brief as possible because users today are  low in patience.

Social signup can provide a way to bypass the lengthy signup or registration process, but at times users are reluctant in getting the app connected with their social accounts. So based on the audience type and the product you market, adopt a balance allowing users to access app or information in a quick and easy manner.

5. Mundane Apps Have Few Takers

Users expect a great app. So just getting approved by App Store will not seal your fate. You have to make sure that your app has muscle to outdo competition and charm to make the head turn. The UX should be a show stopper elevating the level of infatuation in the users.

However, this is not an end to the list. Equip your app with the right mobile analytics tool to read what users want and take the right step. Some popular and proven analytics tools include Google Analytics, Mixpanel, Kissmetrics and Amplitude. Apart from improving UX, it also help you expedite your cross-sell and up-sell endeavors.

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IPhone App Developers – Making Money in New Mobile Economy

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Do you have the skills to write a killer iPhone app? If you do, and you create one that becomes popular, you could watch your bank account grow at an astounding rate. And even if you don’t know anything about programming, if you’re willing to hire someone to do the iPhone application development for you, you could still make a tidy profit. A few iPhone application developers have hit the big time, thanks to thousands of downloads of their programs, most at only $.99 each.

If you’re a programmer already and you have some basic knowledge, there’s a slight learning curve when it comes to programming for Apple’s iPhone. But you can download information and the SDK (software development kit) that will help you learn how to do it. That’s what some have done to avoid paying $150 and up per hour for qualified Apple iPhone developers.

Some programmers are writing iPhone apps in their spare time, hoping for a little side income stream, then quitting their regular jobs to pursue iPhone application development full time once they realize how quickly the profits an add up.

But just writing an iPhone apple doesn’t guarantee success, as many have found, too. So hundreds or thousands spent on design, development and testing if you pay someone to write the code for you could be for nothing. There’s no way of knowing until Apple approves the app and the program is officially entered into the App Store.

Competition is pretty fierce among iPhone application developers. The iPhone App store has only been open since 2008 and there are already over 25,000 applications for buyers to choose from. Creating one that many will want isn’t necessarily an easy task. And if you have the idea, someone else may have had a similar one and an application that does nearly the same thing is already for sale.

Some people become an iPhone developer and earn hundreds of thousands of dollars-a few have earned over a million, while others are pretty much ignored. But the chance that the next new iPhone app could be a big hit keeps people flocking to iPhone application development classes in the hopes of learning to do it themselves and becoming an Apple iPhone sensation.

Once the application is created and tested, then it’s necessary for Apple to approve it and list it in the Apps Store. After that, automation takes over and the developer’s job is done. Apple handles the sales details and keeps 30% of the money from each sale for their trouble. While that seems like quite a chunk, there’s no better deal going since you can’t sell iPhone applications anywhere else.

One might think sales of iPhone apps would slow down, since sales of everything else have in the current recession. But with such a huge portion of the population owning a phone, we’re now in an almost completely mobile economy. People talk, send pictures, surf the Internet and now run programs and play games all on their mobile phones. Because of that, iPhone developers can still earn huge amounts of money if they hit on the right app, so iPhone application development doesn’t look to slow down anytime soon.

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What is Android and What Does it Do?

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By now you have seen the commercials for the new Android phone that state that it is something that “does” things. The things that this new smart phone does were created by Android application developers in conjunction with Google. Introduced as an alternative to the iPhone, the very things that this smart phone does will be what can differentiate it from the competition.

What exactly is an Android phone and what does it do? Is it like the iPhone or better? To better understand what it is and what it can do, you first need a little background information on cell phones and how they work.

All cell phones smart or otherwise, have operating systems. This software that is permanently stored on your phone is what makes the phone function. In the past, these systems would only support apps or programs that were created by the original developers giving them complete control over the functionality of the phone. With Android, this is not the case.
Android features and open source operating system which means that anyone who wants to develop apps for the Android platform can. Android apps developers can create new applications or programs for anyone to use. This shift from the past proprietary systems gives freedom and offers advantages for users.

Some notable benefits are:

Application Variety. With innumerable apps developers using their creativity to develop unique apps, there can be an endless variety of types and functions of apps. Nearly any idea for an app that can be conceived can be made into reality.

Innovative applications. In the past, applications could take months to create. With this platform, Android developers can create their applications in less time while bringing new and fresh ideas to life.

Money saving. Due to the move past proprietary systems to open source systems, the cost of your cell phone will be reflective of the actual hardware as the costs for research and development will not be present. This used to be a major part of the cost of the phones in the past.

Multiple carriers. With Android you have your choice of cell phone carriers rather than just one carrier, like the iPhone. This can possibly be money saving as well as you can compare several companies to find the best plan for you. Additionally, there have been issues with the coverage area for iPhone users that may not be present with those that offer Android.

Multi-task. With the Android phone, the notification bar will alert you to various things such as new voice messages, email messages (in Gmail and others), Facebook notifications and new text messages for example. If the Android app developer created an app that has notification capability, it can alert you quickly and in the background without disrupting anything else you may be doing with your phone. With the iPhone, which depends on a single system where not all applications may have access, you do not have this ability.

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