Novotel Hotel future Marketing Direction

By | March 20, 2017
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Due to the increasing competition in the hospitality industry, novotel is bound to establishing the most efficient and effective marketing strategies. In modern days, business entities in the hospitality industry are adopting modern marketing strategies; whereby the Novotel hotel should not be exempted. Following extensive research and market analysis carried on the performance of the novotel it has been evident that novotel is facing stiff competition from Hyatt Regency Birmingham, City Inn Birmingham, and Jurys Inn Birmingham. This stiff competition has led to poor performance over the years. Unfortunately, it’s evident that novotel adopts old management and strategies for marketing. This aspect has led to its undesirable competitiveness in the market. From these facts, it’s not only beneficial but also mandatory for the Novotel to formulate and implement the best strategies for future marketing. This paper will discuss the aims and objectives of Novotel hotel future marketing direction (Allen, 2009).

Despite the many strengths of novotel, an internal and external business audit of the present market environment has revealed significant challenges which inhibit its success in the market. It has been noted that the pricing strategy of the company is not pleasing; whereby the prices are a little bit high. On another perspective, the marketing strategies adopted by the company are outdated thus leading to inefficiencies. Worse still, it has been evident that, novotel lacks diversity in its marketing as well as in availability of clear marketing position. Additionally, the novotel marketing team is highly undercapitalized thus leading to many shortcomings(Bowie, 2004).

Some of the key marketing strategies which can be adopted by the novotel include the Business to consumer marketing and the business to business marketing. In the case of business to consumer marketing, the hotel will be focused in building better relationship with its consumers as well as boosting the image of the services being offered. On the other hand, business to business marketing establishes good relationship with other businesses; thus placing itself in better position to increase sales(Cateora, Et al., 2008).

With the current effects of globalization and market liberation, there is every need for novotel to revise its marketing strategy so as to encroach new markets and more so the international market. The strategic marketing direction will as mean new clients for its services as well as retaining its present clients. The primary aim of the novotel future strategic marketing is to increase their clients, widen its investment, as well as expanding its markets. These aims are highlighted as follows; (Dibb, 1996).

Firstly, the novotel hotel is aimed at increasing its sales and establish new markets. In this case, by adopting new strategies in marketing the novotel will be able to expand its operations even to many other foreign countries. This concept can be realized through the internet advertisement as well as use of the media. The future strategic marketing direction adopted by the novotel is also a strategy for growth. This is so because, by marketing in the international market, the novotel will to expand its operations in other countries(Harrison, 2010).

Another aim for the future strategic marketing direction is also aimed at positioning the company’s image among its clients. In this case, the company’s image will be boosted in the eyes of the clients thus establishing a sustainable market.

The future strategic marketing direction is also aimed at adventuring new ventures as well as an entrepreneurship strategy. The present stiff competition does not allow the novotel to focus on one field of market rather look for new venture. In relation with this phenomenon, the company will be able to look for new services and products thus strengthening its stability (Dibb, 1996).

The hotel is aimed at positioning itself to counter its opponents. By adopting efficient marketing strategies the company will be able to counter the competition its opponents in terms of sales and profit. This aspect is developed from market research and competitor analysis; whereby the novotel was able to know the weakness, strengths and strategies of its opponents. With this information, the novotel will be able to adopt the most efficient and most effective strategies. For instances, aspects of pricing, branding and market positioning will be taken care of (Allen, 2009).

To maximize the values of its transactions and gain consumer trust. In this regard, the future marketing direction is aimed at increasing value and benefit to the company from its operations. On another perspective, the company is also aimed at building loyalty and trust among the customers. On the other hand, a market strategy involving novotel and other business is aimed at nourishing its relationship with those businesses thus benefiting form increased sales and widened target market (Allen, 2009).

From the above highlighted factors, it’s clearly evident that the main motives or aims of the future marketing direction are aimed at widening the market of the novotel. By adopting the new marketing direction, the company will be assured of improving its relationship with the clients. This will facilitate loyalty and trust among the two company and its clients. In the hospitality industry, the competition for market share has been very stiff; whereby expertise and professionalism is vital in executing any strategy. From another perspective, the company will also be able to enjoy a sustainable market in future (Kaul, 2010).

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