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By | March 9, 2017
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Hey Folks…

Josh Boxer here with some information on do’s and don’ts of network marketing health products.

There are two schools of thought when it comes to making your products stand out in the world of information bombardment. There are literally thousands of companies selling online health products through the network marketing or MLM pipeline. What will make people choose your health product over someone elses? And how do you go about selling your product either by relational commerce or online. Here are some tips.

1. When talking about your product, never bash your competition. It never makes you look good. You always want to take a positive approach to the marketing of your health products, especially in the network marketing world.

2. Find out what the problem or health issue is and then show how your health product can solve the problem. Don’t go into all of the benefits on the front end, you want to find the need and fill it.

3. In network marketing your health product, don’t be afraid to give out samples. We are a touchy feely world and people want to TRY before they BUY, it’s a fact. When you give out a product, if possible, have your potential client try it on the spot. Ask questions and then go for the close. Most people are afraid to ask for the sale. You don’t ask, people don’t buy its that simple.

4. You want to have repeat business right? So always offer that extra personal touch. Let people know you appreciate their doing business with you. Send them a note in the mail telling them you appreciate them. Also, keep them in on the loop on the latest of your health products via email or through an auto-subscription or newsletter.

When selling online:

Make sure that you have done your homework on your competition. What makes your product superior to the competition. You had better have a stellar ad campaign to make sure you are at the top of the search engine queries. Always sell at retail and don’t undersell your product.

Remember, People move products, its not the other way around. People have a need to belong. Its important that they guy at the top come down and help the guy just getting started and put the edification back on the new guys upline so that they will eventually listen to him. People dont want a boss as most already have one of those. People want mentorship and coaching.

In network marketing your health products, you want to get your product to the public by talking about it, using it everywhere you go. Try a trade show, use it at work. Live your product and your product will live in you. Dont get caught with the competitions product sliding down your throat. It will take credibility away from you and on to the other guys product.

Well, that is it for today.. Stay tuned for some more network marketing health tips…

See you at the top,
Joshua Boxer
Owner-Boxer Global

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