Most Popular Mobile Phone Brands

By | March 17, 2017
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We can easily recognize the names of some of the most popular mobile phone brands in this highly competitive market. Revolution in mobile phones has made it more sophisticated, user-friendly and at affordable price.

Some years back a mobile phone with a camera was considered something special, but advancement in technology has made camera as a standard feature of most mobile phones. In fact, several new features like MP3, video capabilities etc. are being added to it everyday.

Even after a year, the Apple iPhone is mesmerizing the mobile phone market all over the world. Although, Apple is new entrant in mobile industry but its iPhone beguiled people before the release, and continues to fascinate even today. Its large screen with sleek design is trendy and comfortable to handle.

Samsung has introduced a similar version as Apple but it has QWERTY keyboard, thus somewhat improved features than its competitor. In addition, the touch screen facility has placed it among top competitors in the mobile phone market.

One of the most striking mobile phone is ‘Nokia’. It is very popular among people of specific class due to its low to mid range of price. This mobile handset does not posses many latest features but quickly acquires all useful innovations. Nokia was among early pioneers of the flip phone, and is to soon release WiMax version very much similar to iPhone.

Sony Ericson has been one of the prominent players of mobile phone industry since many years. They have most flexible marketing strategy; they produce wide range of mobile phones which can fit any type of budget – from cheap to high elegant phones. They are famous for manufacturing high quality mobile phones.

Another, relatively new entrant to the field of mobile phone industry is LG. Expanded form of LG is ‘Life is Good’, it translates its slogan in to reality! It designs its phones keeping in mind all ages and social group. One can find wide range of varieties in design, features and prices. LG has a bag full of models and one can choose according to one’s requirement and budget.

In fact, the mobile phone industry is full of branded companies and this can make a person a bit confused. So, to get best mobile phone you should do some homework… identify your requirements and then keep in mind two factors – quality and durability. This will help you in making right decision and selecting the right mobile for yourself!

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