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By | January 31, 2017
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Interworld Commnet is an 11 years old company started in 1998 with an ambitious plan of providing high quality websites. The company started as a small web designing company and kept on growing by horizontal and vertical limits. The company’s web designing services increased by leaps and bounds. The in the year 2004 company had crossed over 800 clients. Interworld Commnet never had any share in the software export segment. However in the year 2005 the company added up its Software Development Division for Web Application Development and Mobile Application Development . The company hired industry professionals, trained new software engineers, invested into research and development. This research and development outcomes made the company policies for software development, marketing, and further growth.

The company was focussed into Web Application Development and Mobile Application Development and in this period won contracts with major companies in manufacturing and services sector and started exports in August 2007. The core group at Interworld Commnet’s continuous marketing effort landed them into the export market in the year 2007. The company won a large contract for development of a product for a niche area from a US based company. This was just a start. The smart work, patience, clear goals and application of right strategies brought contracts from not only US Market but also from Canada, UK, New Zealand, Australia and from other European Countries. Our Clients wanted master crafted web application products and ontime customer support. They got it and we both grew together. Best part of the story is today we have not only got the contracts for development but we are maintaining the applications for our clients. 2007 mid came as a strirrer for web application and now the people wanted to get into mobile applications.

Interworld Commnet forayed into it and soon it signed up for a Mobile Application Development for a company in Atlanta, United States of America. The word of mouth spreads within the clients and today we are developing applications for more corporations. Today we are over 11 year old organization employing over 25 hardcore web desiging, web development and mobile development professionals. Our growth in terms of turnover was 220% last year in comparision to prevous year and is persistent in this this financial year. Let us take the pride to tell you that – We are one of a kind. We will understand your goals and aspirations and are confident that we will take you just that one step further. There are no limits. The team’s extensive experience in technical and marketing activity at a regional, national and taking it to the international level, give us confidence in our ability to achieve results to be proud of. We understand the business marketplace and the current trends and issues it faces. In brief, we know what to show and when – a critical element of marketing any company. We listen, we learn and we act accordingly. On time and on budget, individually tailored activity programmes are precisely targeted and carefully managed to create maximum impact on the target audience. Looking forward to see you as our customer.

For us Our Customer is the King! Developing Generic PC or server based applications are moving now getting the thing of the past. Enterprises are increasing incorporating mobile and wireless solutions into their business processes to improve performance and encourage real-time enterprise behavior. We at Interworld Commmnet are expert in Consulting, assist you in architecting, developing, deploying and maintaining your open standard infrastructure solutions for successful implementation at your organization. Many of these companies have achieved measurable benefits and positive return on investment from wireless projects. Empowering mobile user is a an extension of Interworld Commnet’s history with net-centric infrastructure, applications and services. By Utilizing Interworld Commnet’s expertise, companies are assured of mobile application development and software that enables business processes to proceed without interruptions, no matter where the people are located.

We deliver set of mobile technology solutions that meets your business objectives. our effort made into developing Mobile E-Business and wireless enterprise solutions that cater to both entertainment services and Small Device solutions that include porting together with mobile messaging and real time mobility solutions. Interworld Commnet have the tools for rapid, reliable, secure, and predictable mobile application development and delivery. Our open, standards based technology leverages J2EE, J2ME, Personal Java, CORBA, and .Net in order to provide mobile applications at cost effective pricing & on required time with finest quality Till date we have delivered mobile application for our customers in India, United States, Canada, New Zealand, Australia and from other European Countries. You can ask us for skills like: .Net, Java, J2ee,J2me, C++,C,VB,Vc. Interworld Commnet’s mobile application development capabilities includes: 1.Add a mobile device interface to existing applications. 2.Augment mobile application infrastructure with a location-based service component so that our customers can bank on smarter applications with rich and easy user experience 3.Mobile-enable existing enterprise applications. 4.Test mobile applications, especially from a usability perspective. 5.Implement SyncML-based synchronization of data between mobile devices and enterprise applications. 6.Mobile-enable company alerting and notification services to ensure that a mobile workforce has the right information when   and where they need it.

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