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By | July 26, 2017

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Masonic Ebooks on DESPOTISM

“Put them in thoughts to be topic to principalities
and powers, to obey magistrates, to be prepared
to do each good work.”

Titus three:1

Freemasonry holds that one of many worst personifications of the precept of evil is despotism. That rivalry is held so strongly that our Scottish Ceremony Masons finally vow everlasting hostility to tyranny, which is nothing greater than the imposition of the egocentric needs of 1 man upon man’s natural-born spirit of freedom. Masonry defines the despot as a felony in opposition to the legal guidelines of nature who reduces the lives of many to his personal will, changing himself for the state and the voice of the folks.

Though such vile immorality imposed upon humanity by sure governmental leaders is worthy of hostility, the Craft doesn’t intend that Masons ought to rise in armed battle each time a despot emerges. Neither does the fraternity want to restrict a Mason’s understanding about who, or what’s, or could develop into a despot.

Heads of state, non secular leaders, proponents of a specific college of philosophical thought, and even the bully down the road could match the Masonic definition of a despot. The Masonic ideas of optimistic pondering and optimistic emotion are extra typically Masonry’s really useful weapons versus weapons and bullets.

Although the person despot could fluctuate from head of state to the bully down the road, it’s not tough to discern the character traits frequent to all despots. The tyrannical ruler of countries has left his indelible mark upon the pages of historical past: the folks she or he ruled suffered repression of freedoms, humiliation, outrage and infrequently grew to become the victims of murderous rages.

The non secular despot has additionally littered the historic panorama with such obscenities as warfare waged in opposition to harmless human beings within the title of God.

Philosophical tyrants steadily have resorted to the demeaning tactic of unfairly marginalizing thought that differs in any materials respect with the thought promoted by a specific philosophy. Equally agonizing, the bully down the road threatens to bodily beat anybody who doesn’t pay her or him the respect she or he calls for.
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