How to Manage Sales Training on a Tight Budget

By | March 19, 2017
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With the economy at an all-time low, many businesses know that sales training could be cut from the budget.  Taking this into consideration, many sales training companies are offering free trials for their services, providing time to decide whether this is the best decision.

Sales training companies are an excellent way to receive coherent sales advice and plan a united sales strategy.  Many companies offer training seminars, webinars, online training packages, phone training, and print-outs.  As far as seminars are concerned, some come right to your office, others are held at centers, and others can be found via the phone, internet and CD-ROMs.

However, many companies are running on a tight budget these days, and employee sales training tend to be the first to get cut. Proper training is incremental to the success of your company. This is especially true in the sales sector, where building a good salesman is the key to profit.

Some pricier services can run all the way to $14,000 a year.  However, there are cheaper alternatives available.  Some companies offer monthly selling strategies, telephone workshops and printed sales lessons for as low as $27 a month.

If you are running on a tight budget, seminars tend to run on the expensive side.  Instead of a pricey seminar you might consider trying online webinars, which can run around $95.  Webinars can be helpful because you can listen online in your own office, have access to PowerPoints, and they often include question and answer sessions.  Webinars, and ordering CDs, which can be priced around $35, can be a more cost-effective form of training because it cuts the cost of travel.  Also, some companies offer e-newsletters and speak for free if you provide contact information.

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