Different stages in mobile app development

By | January 30, 2017
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If you are planning to add mobility to your business, you have taken a great decision at the right time. Although many business owners are aware of the benevolence of mobile apps, they are often confused when it comes to choosing app developers. The lack of knowledge in various stages of the app development process makes them naïve in the sight of developers. A bird’s eye view on the different stages of mobile app development would be useful when you approach a mobile app development company. To begin with, first locate a mobile app development company in your locality. You can use the internet for this purpose. For example, if you are in San Francisco, you can use search terms like Mobile app developers San Francisco or Mobile application Developers San Francisco in search engines to find service providers in your area. You need to choose the app developer based on the performance history and customer reviews.

Once you are done, the next thing to do is consult the app developer about the possibility of including mobility to your business. There are different mobile platforms such as android and iOS on which the mobile app can work. Determine if a native app would suffice your needs, or if you would need a hybrid mobile app. If you already have an enterprise system in place, ask if the developer can create a mobile app that could be integrated with the existing system. Check if the developer understands your business processes. You can also provide your ideas and strategies and ask the developer if the ideas and strategies are feasible.

Once you are satisfied with strategies, you need to work together with your app developer to create the app design. When it comes to app design, it includes the elements that need to be incorporated in the user interface as well as the theme of the interface. If you want your developer to create the backend for the mobile app, then the developer would take care of the theme. Otherwise make sure that all the required elements are present in the app and also the theme of the app resembles that of your existing system. 

After the finalization of the design comes the developmental stage. At this stage the developers will add functionality to the proposed design and make it fully functional. While programming the functional aspects of the mobile app, developers will attempt to address all of your business needs including possible security issues using iterative agile methodology.

Upon completion of the mobile apps, the apps would be sent for intensive testing on various grounds. Mobile app testing using different methods will ensure the flawless functioning of the app. The ability of the app to integrate seamlessly with the backend would also be tested at this stage. The app will also be tested for vulnerability and attack risks to ensure reliability of the mobile app. Any flaws detected would be reported to the developers and proper action will be taken to ensure that the app functions as expected. The completed product will be then delivered to you and required support will be provided by the developer for the smooth function of the app.



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