Cloud Based Enterprise Content Management Solution

By | June 29, 2017
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Cloud Based Enterprise Content Management Solution

Managing content effectively has become an indispensible part of running an efficient business. Massive growth in digital content requires a sophisticated Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solution that helps organizations organize and store this content. Traditional ECM solutions consist of a front end ECM application through which users access the documents and a back end content repository to store the content and its metadata. This design, which consists of two separate components connected by a networking infrastructure in between, adds significant complexity. Such a traditional ECM system has been expensive to license and costly to scale out and manage. This has been one of the major factors in reduced adoption of ECMs. ParaScale and Alfresco have partnered together to form a cloud based integrated ECM solution with the Alfresco Open source and ParaScale software collocated on the same hardware.

How it works

The ParaScale cloud storage platform consists of multiple cooperating servers that fall into two types of nodes – One or two Control Nodes and Multiple Storage Nodes. A Control Node is a dedicated server in the storage cloud that maintains the configuration information and namespaces within the cloud. Storage Nodes are physical machines that provide cloud storage. They are centrally managed by the Control Nodes and each Storage Node has access to the entire storage within the cloud. To understand more please visit the cloud storage architecture section of the ParaScale website.

Both the ParaScale and Alfresco software run on the same piece of hardware and do not need custom kernels. Each Storage Node within the ParaScale platform has access to the entire global namespace. The Alfresco software can be installed on any or all of the Storage Nodes within the cloud. It communicates directly with the Storage Node and has access to the entire storage within the cloud. 

Advantages of the ParaScale Storage Cloud

  • Consolidated Hardware – ParaScale and Alfresco run on the same pieces of hardware.
  • Eliminate Networking – Not having to maintain the entire switching infrastructure.
  • Improved Performance – Not having bottlenecks in the data path, and any node being able to serve requests.
  • Easy to Grow – Being able to start small and grow seamlessly as and when required.
  • Easy to manage – Having a single point of management for the entire ECM solution
  • Reliability using replication – Ensuring added reliability using policy based replication.

Please visit the ParaScale Partners section and download a white paper to better understand the advantages.


Traditional ECM solutions consist of the front-end application and back-end content repository running on separate hardware. Such solutions are complex to manage and hard to scale out due to bottlenecks in the architecture. ParaScale and Alfresco have partnered together to bring to market an integrated solution in which the Alfresco ECM software runs on the ParaScale cloud platform itself, significantly improving manageability and performance.

You can try out the combined ECM solution by downloading a free 4 TB storage cloud from the ParaScale website and integrating the free 30 day Alfresco Enterprise trial software with the cloud. For more information on the complete ECM solution register at or join the Alfresco community at

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