Buzzirk Mobile: Scam or Terrific Business Opportunity?

By | March 15, 2017
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A lot of action has been taking place in Buzzirk Mobile / Global Verge Mobile / Zero1 Mobile in the last couple of months or so. This has caused many to take pause with what one time appeared like a cause célèbre and a hot business opportunity. Has this golden child of the network marketing industry lost its luster? Has it lost its radiance?

Not too long ago they were the talk of the town, breaking records with claims of adding an expansive 50,000 plus distributors in record time. Fast forward a few weeks and now charges of unpaid commissions and undelivered phones are rampant. The big rocket never launched. Revealing news of the CEO’s problematic past and multiple allegations of securities fraud against him have cast a shadow over the entire enterprise. It makes you wonder if this company can make it past it’s spoilt past and unfortunate present to glow again at some point in the future. There are certainly 50,000+ concerned distributors, and even more candidates and competitors who would like to know the answer to this burning question.

Let us now get a little deeper to learn what your chances are with Buzzirk Mobile, some of the pain this company has been into in the near past and then see what FDI International has to propose in comparison to Buzzirk Mobile.  

A Simple Vision

They had a big ambition with their thoughts that were clean, yet had a big impact. Clients were allowed infinite access to phone calls, internet usage as well as text messages, but the one thing that enjoyably amazed individuals was the feature where they could download movies on their phones and they watch it on TV.  Whew! All this for a meager US $70 a month and no contracts!  Moreover, if you signed up to sell the service you could make $10/mo for each distributor that you signed up in the business. This in a nutshell looked to be the Buzzirk Mobile/ Global Verge Mobile Opportunity.  In theory, appeared and sounded like the ideal business vehicle to drive to sizeable wealth.

It sounded almost  too good to be true, seemed almost too good to be true, and at the end of the day it was too good to be true. Buzzirk Mobile/ Global Verge Mobile was unable to render the goods… at least not when they stated that they would.

Unrealized Promises

The clients were informed that Global Verge and Buzzirk Mobile would begin services on July 1st since the same was conveyed to the reps.  This didn’t occur. Now that the date has passed, they ask for patience and forbearance. They say that things are consuming longer than expected. Mark Petschel, the CEO of Global Verge, told listeners on a recent conference call that the top-tier sales associates would begin getting calls in the mail in the next week or two. But many doubt his credibility as recent elements of his past business practices have come to light.  Many question whether the phone service will ever go live.

Are the current Buzzirk Mobile / Global Verge Mobile Issues just Deja Vu?

Petschel previously began a company named Everge, whose setup was very alike to Global Verge’s. It encouraged individuals to pay to become sales associates and then sell mobile services under the brand name BizzBuzz. A 2007 Everge video on YouTube lured people to start selling the mobile service, which was to launch in 18 months. Apparently, no such launch ever occurred. The state of Missouri eventually dissolved Everge for failing to file an annual report. The Circuit Court of St. Louis County recently ordered Petschel and Everge to pay more than $35,000 in back rent for the spots where Everge rented space.

A Sordid Past…

Petschel appears to have a sordid past. He is presently on probation after pleading guilty to securities fraud. He has been on the losing end of three contractual conflicts, including one in 2002  in which he was ordered to pay $50,000. The Circuit Court of St. Louis County has no record that he has yet followed any of the rulings. And there is more…. but I think you see the point.

All in all it is forecasted that over 50,000 distributors were convinced to take the plunge and after putting their name, repute, and money on the line they were left with no phones and no commission payments for all of their efforts. What they have been left with is stained reputations.  They stand on shaky ground with the people that they convinced to join this opportunity with them. For Networkers, a stained repute with your peers can be the kiss of death to your business.

So the question stays on for those that are in and those that are looking to join… should I wait, should I stick with it, should I jump ship? … What to do … What to do…

The Jury is still out on Global verge mobile/ Buzzirk Mobile. It may very well recover and go on to be one of the greats. The counts that it has put up in such a short time has surely made it the envy of the industry, but they accomplished those figures on fake promises. If their pandemic business skills and unity can ever catch up to their marketing prowess, they would have a healthy base below them that would make them a strength to be reckoned with. But for now the question still persists like a concern that won’t go away: what to do what to do…

Is There A Better Alternative?

If you like what the telecom business has to offer and you liked the package that Global Verge and Buzzirk Mobile tacked together then you will love Financial Destination, now known as FDI International. They have the video phones, the unlimited plans, the free international calling and much more. They have some very different technology that is shaking up the telecom and Network Marketing industry. With FDI International you can have unlimited talk plans for a little over $10 per month with no contracts or credit checks. This company is steady, they have impeccable management, and they are merging with a 16 year old billion dollar global telecom giant in a 50/50 partnership. This simply means that FDI International is not just a reseller but they own the tone which lets them to set a price lower than anything else in the industry. They also have the most juicy compensation plan than of the companies that we have reviewed. To find out more about this Global verge Mobile/ Buzzirk Mobile alternative visit

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