Boost sales by printing out well-designed catalog booklets

By | March 16, 2017
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Catalog booklets play an important role in selling your products and services; they not only provide information about your products but also have an image to show the customer what the product looks like. Catalog printing has worked as an efficient marketing tool for many businesses around the globe.

From a customer’s point of view, catalogs are extremely convenient, as they can read and see the images at peace and at their own pace. This gives them the time needed to choose the right product. They also give the customer an extremely good idea about the products. As most catalogs are made from good quality paper, have a lot of images and look attractive, most customers like to keep them; this also helps if the customer wants to have a look at the product in the near future.

Before booklet printing there are certain things one must keep in mind –

–          Promote bestsellers. If something has been extremely popular among your customers try and promote it even more, don’t make the mistake of putting them somewhere in between and highlighting a new product, this can work negatively.

–          Try and make the pictures talk. Describe your product in 2 to 3 lines and use more images in the remaining space to advertise the product better. Not many people will read through a 15 line product description. Short is sweet.

–          Use different fonts to highlight a product’s unique selling point. This makes it stand out and catches the customer’s eye.

–          Give your customers something extra. A free service or an added discount if purchased before a certain date helps boost sales.

–          Utilize your back cover to market your latest products. This is an ideal place for customers to notice it, also add a line, which mentions where in the catalog they can find more information about the product.

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