How to Become Android Application Developers

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Living in a society where we are all becoming more tech savvy introduces some new job opportunities. The latest are Android Application Developers. In this new field, it is important to find the method of training that will benefit you the most. One such option is training classes that are either online or in a traditional class setting. You can also find information online to learn on your own.

If you are considering learning on your own, it is important to consider these points:

•Varied format. You can find many sources of information online about becoming an Android app developer, however they vary in format. If you are unfamiliar with programming, some of these sources may be difficult to understand, especially if you are new to Android application development.

•What is new today is old tomorrow. Any books or materials on Android application development may not be as current as needed to develop apps effectively. They may not include the latest techniques needed for Android app developers as this information grows every day. You also need to weigh the costs of books versus the cost of an online course to see if this route is best for you.

•Help desk? If you have questions, where do you turn if you are learning on your own? You can go to online forums where you can post questions, but you may have a wait for the answers. With an online or classroom course, you can get answers promptly from an instructor leading the class. Online courses also offer tutorials that can be of help.

•Hands on training. If you learn on your own, you may not have the same opportunities for hands on training that may be offered online or in a classroom. When training on your own, you do not get any opportunity for feedback or suggestions about your work. Tutorials may give you an opportunity to create apps in a controlled setting where you can see how to correct any mistakes you make along the way.

•Credentials. When you go looking for your first job as an Android app developer, it is best to have some kind of credentials for your training on your resume. As this is a fairly new job segment, some businesses are creating jobs that are specifically for the creation of Android apps or they may be hiring candidates on a consultant basis. If you have expertise in building the right app for their business that best suits their needs and have the formal class training and credentials to back it up, you are more likely to get the job.

However you choose how to do your training, you will want to keep all of these points in mind. While Android app developer classroom classes or online course costs may seem more than you want to spend, they could really benefit you in the long run. They could provide you with more opportunities for work in this new field by giving you the edge you need over the competition.

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Advantages and disadvantages of phoneGap development tool

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PhoneGap is an open source cross platform mobile application development tool; using PhoneGap development tool developers create robust apps for all big giant platforms like iOS, Android, blackberry, symbian etc. More especially the program uses languages such as HTML5, CSS3 and JAVAscript through the process. For better experience PhoneGap is a program to use when developing your own apps. Here are some Advantages and disadvantages of PhoneGap development tool.


Does not require any additional programming language:

Due to this tool is based on latest web technologies like HTML, does not require any additional knowledge of dense native programming languages. Instead the program works as framework to easily build mobile apps without the extra process of learning programming languages.

Supportive for all major mobile operating system:

 This is the biggest advantage of PhoneGap development tool that it is compatible with all major mobile operating system like iOS, Android, blackberry, Symbian etc. Such diverse compatibility allows developers easy to create apps with using PhoneGap build and use same app for different mobile platforms.

Support various APIs:

PhoneGap development tools support various APIs like Accelerometer, camera, compass, contact, file, Geo location, media, network, notification and storage. With these all supporting features you are still able to tap in many of devices build in features.


Conditions Apply:

Due to Phonegap is an open source development tool it provides facility to create apps only one time and if you want to create phoneGap app more than one time than phoneGap will charge you a monthly basis. The fee may not be a major issue for seasoned app developer however, for those looking for a free option to learn the ropes; PhoneGap can be a bit misleading.

Can be inefficient when working with native languages:

If we talk about native programming languages then it oppose to framework method, this cross platform mobile app development tool does not perform well as compared to other programs based on native languages. In other word the program allows apps are compatible for cross platform mobile development but if we talk about hybrid app then method aims for vast compatibility, the created app do not perform well as others.

Does not support all the functionality:

Phonegap development tool does not cappuccino functionality which provides many of features to developing online applications. This functionality gives much facility for app developer like drag, drop, copy, paste, undo, redo graphics, animation, color, font section etc.

According to experts review PhoneGap is the most usable tool for developing cross platform mobile apps, but it contains some own advantages and limitations.

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4 Tips To Find The Best Iphone Application Development Company

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So you have that one of a kind iPhone application idea? What next? Finding a company to convert your vision to reality is crucial. Here are some tips to help you identify the best iPhone application development company.

Clarify and re clarify your idea – It is easy to get excited with an idea for your iPhone app. But it is equally important to think it through. The clearer you are, the better you will be able to convey it to a potential developer.

Match the company to your idea: Once you have your idea in place, research on the potential companies. Check what they have done before. Will they be able to fulfill your requirements? Ask for a preliminary meeting and repeat if required. It is very important to establish synergy right from the start.

Confidentiality: In the field of application development timing and uniqueness is key. Not only do you need to have an eye ball grabbing idea but also need to time its release. In this highly competitive environment, it is critical that you have confidentiality worked into whatever agreement you enter into. The development company you tie up with should be happy to enter into a Non disclosure agreement with you. In fact it should be part of their standard operating procedure. Also ensure that the copyright for your idea stays with you.

Post development support:As with other services, the company you choose must be robust enough to support you after the project is finished. There could be upgrades, technical issues, bugs etc which will need to be ironed out. An experienced and committed company will be able to convince you of their support. If you get the slightest suspicion that the company may not last or is of the fly by night variety, do not go ahead, however lucrative their pricing may be.

Having a great idea is the first step to getting onto the mobile application bandwagon. But getting the right development partner will make all the difference between your idea remaining on paper or seeing the light of day. Investing some time in identifying and selecting the best application development company for you will pay plenty of dividends in the long run.

Aquilonis – mobile application development company and completed more than 70 mobile application development including i-phone and Android mobile applications.

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How to find best iPhone Application Development Company

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Apple Inc.’s much hyped iPhone created waves in the mobile market. Making it one of the most sought after mobile phone of the decade. The slim, large display touch screen wireless phone with a 2 mega pixel integrated camera, with web browser, calling and texting facility, amazing memory, media player, etc. made it highly popular. iPhone has been called so for the ‘I’ stands for the ‘individuality’ of the user, as it can be changed according to the needs of the user like an ipod or iGoogle. This individualism was an additional feature to its fame – resulting into huge demand plus the emergence of an entire industry of iPhone Application Development.

Apple Inc. gave iPhone application developers 70% of share for developing applications and themselves got 20% by selling applications through their Apple Store. More number of people and companies entered this field to try their luck. With its growing popularity and business, it has kept customers attracted round the clock.

Till date millions of iPhone devices have been sold. If only millions of mobile handsets have been sold than you can calculate the amount of iPhone applications being sold almost every month. Thus, the race goes on, to build the best and newest iPhone website or application with so many competitors to beat.

Therefore, the very first step to keep in mind while hiring iPhone developers is that they should know the application market well enough to survive in it. And must be able to build applications for Andriod, BlackBerry, Palm, etc. Make sure that the company you hire has previously developed iPhone applications and have sold them on Apple’s App Store. If yes, then check out the links and screen shots as well. Observe the manner of the company’s presentation of application idea’s. Do they bring up the same old boring type of ideas or are they open to suggestions, new ideas, ready to experiment? If the case is the former one then forget it. If your choice is the latter one, then good going.

If the company is technically strong with professional and qualified developers that are in to Software development then its a sure plus point for you.

Also check out where does the company carry excellence. See if they are able to port the same iPhone application to other platforms as well like BlackBerry, Palm, Andriod, J2ME, etc. because this will help you to reach out to more and more users rather than bide you in restrictions from widening your range/scope for merely making profit and not touch excellence.

The company you approach must be in this sector for a minimum of one or two years. As the iPhone itself is not old than this so it makes sense that the company must be well versed about this realm.

Semaphore Software is in this sector for quite a period of time. And have excelled to great heights in iPhone Application Development. They are skilled in integrating applications on other platforms as well. Their professionally accomplished team of developers come up with wonderful ideas and applications.

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Developing iPhone apps is not that difficult as it sounds

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When the iPhone was launched, it made headlines worldwide. The innovative multimedia phone was internationally voted as one of the best inventions of all time. At the early years, iPhones had regular mobile phone functions, as well as internet and email capabilities. In addition, it had camera and could act as a portable media player.

What really made the iPhone a sensation that everyone wanted to buy however, was the launch of the iPhone application and the online store; in which users could download various games and functions to enhance and personalize their own iPhone.  iPhone applications have sky-rocketed in popularity, with thousands of applications being bought and downloaded every single day.  

The demand for new iPhone applications is continuing to increase, and people are being encouraged to develop their own ideas into applications. iPhone application development is a great way of making money and hundreds of people worldwide already are making a living from their innovative ideas.

Developing your own personal iPhone application is not as difficult as it may sound. You do not need any experience to design your own application, and you do not need to be a computer genius. All you need for iPhone application development is a good idea, and from there you are well on the way to getting started.

All the tools needed to develop and market your personal iPhone application are available at iPhone applications store. A software development kit can be downloaded straight onto your computer, and will provide you with all the essential help that you need to design your own application. The development kit enables you to develop and design a product that will be compatible with the iPod touch and the multimedia iPhone, and is easy to follow. Upon completion, you are then able to run your application through an iPhone simulator to see how your finished product will look and run on an actual iPhone.

Once your product is finished it will be sold in the online Apps store, meaning that millions of people worldwide will have access to your application. As the developer of an application, you can enjoy seventy percent of the revenue of sales, thus being able to make a living out of selling your product. You will be in full control of determining the price of the application. The more people download your app, the more revenue you will make. The more applications you have, the more downloads you will get and thus the greater the revenue stream. Sounds good? It should be. Fact is, opportunities of making money from your iPhone applications are numerous, as more businesses are realising the importance of joining the growing trend. You will start to make money in a very quick time.

Undoubtedly, iPhone application development has become a great way of showing creative ideas and of making money! Different iPhone applications are in demand by different people, so the odds are that you can be very successful when selling your personal iPhone application in the online Apps Store.

What are you waiting for than?

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Android App Development India: They know what it takes to get a stunning success!

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Android App Development in India is becoming fastest growing business and beneficial for those who expect huge revenue in the course of dealing in this business. Read below what are the advantages of hiring an India based company.

Android App Development is one of the most famous tools among mobile app development companies. Implementing functions might sound bit tough, but the benefits of this tool overcomes all the drawbacks. It is favorable for both providers and developers. Hiring dedicated developer may provide you 24×7 services at your niche, but hiring a company can result you in valuable deal as your business will hold a trustworthy partnership with a renowned group.

Whenever you spend hard earned money on any service you want to take benefit of levied money, so that you can enjoy the full return of investment. Apps in Android are developed with fewer expenses. Another important feature is that apps made in this tool are secure, reliable and robust. When you sign a company you get the agile method of handling any project with the reports of each phase, so that a keen eye can be kept on each and every current task and for future reference as well.

Hiring a provider for Android app development in India may benefit you and your business in many ways; from a survey it has come to know that the most of the experts from the mobile application stream are Indians. They have expertise in Custom app development, Game app development, Multimedia app development.

Besides these services Android App Development Companies in India also offer application maintenance and testing for the ultimate development needs. You can monitor your project undertaken by the provider and take follow ups right on your niche. On urgent need 24×7 hour services can help you interact with the allocated developers.

Getting a company in India is more like an in-house developer delivering committed services within time.

Availing the service of Android App development in India is recommended because of cost effectiveness, perfect usage of resources, and less risk time. However, before placing or hiring any provider user should see if the solution provider company is reliable. Moreover, this amazing tool is excellent in integrating intern applications. Quality is although a vital need for every business, it comes as fundamental need.

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mobile application development

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Interworld Commnet is an 11 years old company started in 1998 with an ambitious plan of providing high quality websites. The company started as a small web designing company and kept on growing by horizontal and vertical limits. The company’s web designing services increased by leaps and bounds. The in the year 2004 company had crossed over 800 clients. Interworld Commnet never had any share in the software export segment. However in the year 2005 the company added up its Software Development Division for Web Application Development and Mobile Application Development . The company hired industry professionals, trained new software engineers, invested into research and development. This research and development outcomes made the company policies for software development, marketing, and further growth.

The company was focussed into Web Application Development and Mobile Application Development and in this period won contracts with major companies in manufacturing and services sector and started exports in August 2007. The core group at Interworld Commnet’s continuous marketing effort landed them into the export market in the year 2007. The company won a large contract for development of a product for a niche area from a US based company. This was just a start. The smart work, patience, clear goals and application of right strategies brought contracts from not only US Market but also from Canada, UK, New Zealand, Australia and from other European Countries. Our Clients wanted master crafted web application products and ontime customer support. They got it and we both grew together. Best part of the story is today we have not only got the contracts for development but we are maintaining the applications for our clients. 2007 mid came as a strirrer for web application and now the people wanted to get into mobile applications.

Interworld Commnet forayed into it and soon it signed up for a Mobile Application Development for a company in Atlanta, United States of America. The word of mouth spreads within the clients and today we are developing applications for more corporations. Today we are over 11 year old organization employing over 25 hardcore web desiging, web development and mobile development professionals. Our growth in terms of turnover was 220% last year in comparision to prevous year and is persistent in this this financial year. Let us take the pride to tell you that – We are one of a kind. We will understand your goals and aspirations and are confident that we will take you just that one step further. There are no limits. The team’s extensive experience in technical and marketing activity at a regional, national and taking it to the international level, give us confidence in our ability to achieve results to be proud of. We understand the business marketplace and the current trends and issues it faces. In brief, we know what to show and when – a critical element of marketing any company. We listen, we learn and we act accordingly. On time and on budget, individually tailored activity programmes are precisely targeted and carefully managed to create maximum impact on the target audience. Looking forward to see you as our customer.

For us Our Customer is the King! Developing Generic PC or server based applications are moving now getting the thing of the past. Enterprises are increasing incorporating mobile and wireless solutions into their business processes to improve performance and encourage real-time enterprise behavior. We at Interworld Commmnet are expert in Consulting, assist you in architecting, developing, deploying and maintaining your open standard infrastructure solutions for successful implementation at your organization. Many of these companies have achieved measurable benefits and positive return on investment from wireless projects. Empowering mobile user is a an extension of Interworld Commnet’s history with net-centric infrastructure, applications and services. By Utilizing Interworld Commnet’s expertise, companies are assured of mobile application development and software that enables business processes to proceed without interruptions, no matter where the people are located.

We deliver set of mobile technology solutions that meets your business objectives. our effort made into developing Mobile E-Business and wireless enterprise solutions that cater to both entertainment services and Small Device solutions that include porting together with mobile messaging and real time mobility solutions. Interworld Commnet have the tools for rapid, reliable, secure, and predictable mobile application development and delivery. Our open, standards based technology leverages J2EE, J2ME, Personal Java, CORBA, and .Net in order to provide mobile applications at cost effective pricing & on required time with finest quality Till date we have delivered mobile application for our customers in India, United States, Canada, New Zealand, Australia and from other European Countries. You can ask us for skills like: .Net, Java, J2ee,J2me, C++,C,VB,Vc. Interworld Commnet’s mobile application development capabilities includes: 1.Add a mobile device interface to existing applications. 2.Augment mobile application infrastructure with a location-based service component so that our customers can bank on smarter applications with rich and easy user experience 3.Mobile-enable existing enterprise applications. 4.Test mobile applications, especially from a usability perspective. 5.Implement SyncML-based synchronization of data between mobile devices and enterprise applications. 6.Mobile-enable company alerting and notification services to ensure that a mobile workforce has the right information when   and where they need it.

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Costs Involved With IPhone Application Development

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Given the current boom and income potential of iPhone application development, it’s not surprising that so many people have ideas for iPhone apps. And many more people have the ideas than know how to actually turn those ideas into completed Apps for the iPhone or iPod Touch. It’s much like the way most people have a great idea for a story or a novel that they just know everyone would want to read-if only they could write.

People are becoming iPhone developers who have other programming experience, and even no real experience at all. iPhone application development classes are cropping up and having to turn people away because they fill quickly, and have three times as many people wanting to take the class as the room can handle. People recognize that right now iPhone application development is simply the thing to be into.

But despite the iPhone developers who have created a nifty little app and become financially independent practically overnight, creating a great app isn’t necessarily easy to do. It’s not the inability to program that many people have to overcome, but also the costs involved. With iPhone application development the cost can be restrictive.

If you can write applications for the iPhone or you learn how to do it, most of the cost of development is taken care of. That’s not to say it won’t cost anything, because your biggest cost is time, but the biggest expense is typically hiring someone to do the programming for you. Though some people have seen that iPhone development is a hot ticket have decided to pay people to do everything from design to development to testing, most can’t afford to do so. In these cases, iPhone application development can easily cost $5,000, $20,000 or more depending on the type of App. For example, games can run more on the high side to produce with 3D graphics and the like.

Entrepreneurs with money to invest in a new project are the ones who can shell out that kind of money on an application that may not even take off. After all, there are over 25,000 applications in the App Store right now-the only place developers can sell iPhone apps-and most of them aren’t going to make their developers rich. Many barely sell at all. So the tales of the folks who have hit it big virtually overnight aren’t the common ones.

Yet, it can happen. And even if your iPhone app doesn’t become the next “it” thing, it could still sell steadily and make you a considerable amount of money over time. Remember though, even after the expense of the actual programming, it might be necessary to pay people to help them test the app. And then once Apple approves it and starts selling it, Apple takes 30% of the top, so slow sales can be very disappointing.

The cost of hiring a developer can vary widely. Because of the high demand, many are contracted out between $100 and $150 an hour. Others might be able to look at your idea and guess about how many hours it will take, and contract for a flat fee. An application that takes a full week to complete could easily cost $4,000 to $5,000. You can see why the idea of learning iPhone application development yourself has obvious appeal.

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What is application concurrency?

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In a multi-user system or application, concurrency is a major issue that the development team must address. Concurrency, in the context of a software application, is the handling of multiple users attempting to access the same data at the same time.

For example, consider a multi-user order processing system that allows users to add and edit orders for customers. Adding orders is not a problem-since each new order generates a discrete record, several users can simultaneously add orders to the database without interfering with one another.

Editing orders, on the other hand, can result in concurrency problems. When a user opens an order to edit it, a dialog is displayed on the local machine with information about that order. To accomplish this, the system retrieves the data from the database and stores it temporarily in the local machine’s memory, so the user can see and change the data. Once changes are made, the data is sent back to the server, and the database record for that order is updated. Now, if two users simultaneously have the editing dialog open for the same record, they both have copies of the data in their local machines’ memory, and can make changes to it. What happens if they both choose to save the data?

The answer depends on how the application is designed to deal with concurrency. Managing multi-user access to a shared resource is a challenge. Any resource that can be accessed by more than one user requires software logic to protect that resource by managing the way multiple users can access and change it at the same time. This problem has only become more common since the advent of network file sharing, relational databases, and client-server computing.

There are several ways for a software application to deal with concurrency. Among these are the following:

Pessimistic: This concurrency model places locks on data. If one user has a record open and any other users attempt to read that data in a context that allows editing, the system denies the request. In the preceding example, the first user to open the order for editing gets the lock on the order record. Subsequent users attempting to open the order will be sent a message advising that the order is currently being edited by another user, and will have to wait until the first user saves the changes or cancels the operation. This concurrency model is best in situations when it is highly likely that more than one user will attempt to edit the same data at the same time. The downside with this model is that others users are prevented from accessing data that any one user has open, which makes the system less convenient to use. There is also a certain amount of implementation complexity when a system must manage record locks.

Optimistic: In the optimistic concurrency model, users are always allowed to read the data, and perhaps even to update it. When the user attempts to save the data, however, the system checks to see if the data has been updated by anyone else since the user first retrieved it. If it has been changed, the update fails. This approach allows more users to view data than does the pessimistic model, and is typically used when it is unlikely that several users will attempt to edit the same data at the same time. However, it is inconvenient when a user spends time updating a record only to find that it cannot be saved. The record must be retrieved anew and the changes made again.

No concurrency protection: The simplest model of all, this approach does not attempt to protect users from editing the same data. If two users open a record and make changes, the second user’s changes will overwrite the first’s in a “last-one-wins” situation. The first user’s changes will be lost. Also, depending on how the system is implemented, this approach could lead to data corruption if two users attempt to save at the same moment.The way a software application deals with concurrency can affect the performance, usability, and data integrity of the system. Therefore, it is important to design tests to verify that the application properly handles concurrency, following the concurrency model that has been selected for the project.

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Mobile Application Development : Annihilate Communication Problems

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The next generations of people are gradually getting prepared for taking a center stage as regards the gradual emergence of technology as a means of communication. It has been a common observation that individuals and organizations across the world have already achieved an unprecedented level of freedom and mobility. Important advances in Mobile technology and mobile connectivity are fast extending the customary enterprise beyond the desktop. The various vital web solutions actively engage and involve the emerging Mobile marketplace at different Offshore Mobile application and Java mobile game development center.

While the world of Mobile solutions incarnates new dimensions to the application design and development process, the expertise in the mobile solution predecessor technology strategically places the leading web solutions as a formidable mobile solutions provider.

What can the mobile application development do for you?

In every web development company there is always a team of Mobile application development specialists who produces economical solutions by isolating components in an application that hinders development, and solves the problem, with successful and industry standard techniques.

By understanding you and your aim, the mobile application development companies help you to achieve your corporate goal wherever you are. At the offshore mobile application development center, utilizing the power of Java ME (formerly J2ME™), Flash Lite CDK and other related mobile technologies for constructing a productive mobile environment, a skill base of both conventional application development as well as the more exclusive handheld device application development is necessary.

Range of solutions which is offered:

  • Mobile multimedia content: To offer mobile multimedia content development and delivery
  • Downloading: Download ring tones, images, Games, video which will henceforth be beneficial for future usages
  • OMA: OMA download OTA provisioning also helps to make the thing better
  • Mobile Game Development: It is also helpful in making the Mobile Game development (JavaME™).
  • Flash Lite: Flash Lite™ based mobile game development can be done
  • Application Porting: One can also make Mobile applications with Java ME™ and application porting (Platform Migration).
  • Mobile catalogs and m-Commerce: Mobile catalogs and m-Commerce can be done with Mobile payment solutions
  • SMS Push-Pull Application: SMS Push-Pull applications, WAP Pus can also be made with the help of mobile application development
  • XHTML-XP/WAP-WML: Mobile websites with XHTML-XP/WAP-WML can be made with the help of this technology called mobile application development

Tools and Technology:

  • JavaME™ Wireless Toolkit 2.1 (JavaME™ with MIDP 1.0 & 2.0) – Java™ 2 SDK version.
  • Openwave Mobile Developer Toolkit Version 1.0
  • Openwave Phone Simulator with Openwave Mobile Browser
  • XHTML-MP (Mobile Profile)
  • WURFL (Wireless Universal Resource File)

Mobile Application Development is taking a new turn and it is difficult to predict where it can go later in days to come.

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