Agricultural Marketing in India

By | April 7, 2017
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Agricultural Advertising and marketing in India



            The significance of selling in agriculture could be very properly illustrated by saying, ” good farmer has one eye on the plough and the opposite in the marketplace”. That is true when agriculture is principally for subsistence; and now, even Indian agriculture is turning into commercialized. In lately of economic agriculture, it is going to be healthier to say, “a superb farmer has solely his fingers on the plough however the eyes in the marketplace

Since agriculture constitutes a serious a part of the financial system, advertising and marketing of agricultural merchandise additionally assumes appreciable significance in our context.

            Marketed surplus is the quantity of agricultural produce that is dropped at the marketplace for sale after what’s retained by the producers for their very own consumption. Therefore it is going to be lower than complete manufacturing.  It’s troublesome to offer an accurate estimation of marketed surplus, because it differs in keeping with crop, place, season and common state of the financial system.

            Advertising and marketing finance can be essential because the small producer will expertise issue in ready for fee from the whole-sale purchaser, if the time lag is just too lengthy.

            Correct storage and dealing with services are essential as a result of in any other case, the produce will perish and turn out to be unmarketable and unusable.

Indian Farmers and Advertising and marketing Disabilities:

The current system of agricultural advertising and marketing shouldn’t be well-organized and the farmers need to rely largely on the middlemen for the disposal of the farm’s yield who don’t have any hesitation in making the most of the farmer’s dependence upon them.

The actual evil is the tendency of those intermediaries who exploit the ignorance and helplessness of the farmers to extend their very own revenue.  The malpractices within the current system of agricultural advertising and marketing are very well-known.  The Rural Credit score Survey Committee described the place as follows:


“whereas requirements of selling have improved, in a lot of the comparatively few regulated markets which have been established, a lot of malpractices nonetheless exist even in them since personnel and enforcement are two nice issues, not all the time sufficiently attended to, a lot much less solved.

 Typically, the malpractices take recent lease of unauthorized life simply outdoors the market, for the personal pursuits are sturdy, the benefits of evading strict regulation are many and the producer is in no place to hunt eventual benefit and safety from regulation at the price of the fast drawback concerned within the lack of highly effective clients, that are additionally sources of credit score and finance.  Furthermore, there’s a very nice lacuna that no management in any respect is exercised over village gross sales, through which the first producer is actually, legally and in follow on the mercy of the village dealer”.


Continuously giant samples are additionally taken by the consumers with fee.  The cultivators will not be paid for them even when no sale is affected. Typically the transactions happen on a pattern foundation.  Consequently, the producer doesn’t get the total value of his produce.  The fame of Indian agricultural producers on the earth market is low.


The villagers have virtually no contact with the skin world not are they in contact with the development of market course of they usually largely rely on rumour reviews obtained type the village bania who’s all the time busy in incomes income from consumers by making them fools to the ignorant villagers.

In India, the next are a number of the widespread defects agricultural advertising and marketing:

1. Lack of group,

2. Pressured gross sales,

three. Presence of middlemen,

four. Quite a few market costs,

 5. Market malpractices,

6. Lack of normal weights and measures,

7. Insufficient storage,

 eight. No standardization of value and high quality,

9. Lack of selling finance, and

10. Need of correct market info.

Requisites of excellent advertising and marketing

Within the first place the standard of produce needs to be good. Good high quality can fetch higher value and confidence which may be assumed by utilizing finest seeds, by adopting right strategies of harvesting , by grading the product by storing it properly and avoiding malpractices like adulteration and misrepresentation and so on.

The second important of excellent advertising and marketing is the endurance of the vendor. Due to this fact, the agriculturists might have the endurance to promote in order that they could get higher costs after the harvest. The peasant ought to, subsequently, have sufficient reserve to pay land income and assembly different wants.

The third important of a superb advertising and marketing is the great technique of communication and transport services.

Fourthly, there needs to be carried out markets at handy distance, and lastly, good advertising and marketing eliminates exploitation of the vendor and cut back the variety of intermediaries.

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