7 Ways You Can Begin Internet Marketing for Free

By | March 16, 2017
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The old adage that the best things in life are free is especially true if you are just starting out in internet marketing. There are some major savings to be had when you take advantage of the many free marketing resources that are available today. Instead of spending money to begin your marketing there will be many places in your business where that money can be better spent especially when you get ready to expand. The amount of free information and services that can be directly used to market your new internet marketing business is mind-boggling. Just go on Google and search for whatever you need, put the word “free” in front of your search query and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

It’s true that by and large free marketing will probably not be as lucrative as methods that you pay for. The nice thing about starting off with free marketing is the money you make can then be used to increase your revenue by investing in some marketing techniques. This way you can do some experimenting instead of only being able to use the tried and true method to make sure you don’t lose money. It’s hard to make money when you have your savings or maybe borrowed money at risk.

Below you will find 7 free methods to get you started. These are just a few of the free marketing tools you’ll find on the internet. As you start using these you’ll discover other that will also be helpful to your marketing business.

1. Free search engine optimization and submissions can be used to promote your business to start with.

By submitting your website to different search engines every month you will let people know that your website is real and open for business. Try to use the top search engines to make the most of your efforts. Addme.com is one of the best free tools for this.

2. Start writing articles or if you already do, try to make them better.

When writing article keep in mind good content is most important in bringing traffic to your website. Utilize the many free keyword suggestion tools and information to make your article not only interesting to people but also the search engines. Don’t forget to use a good source or author info box to display your site URL, so people can easily go to your site. Arcanaweb.com/resources/article-directories.html is a directory of article directories where you can submit your articles

3. Search article directories for free useful content.

If you don’t have time to write articles you can find hundreds of free articles that are relevant to your subject. Many of these can be used as is providing you retain the source box. While not as good for marketing as ones you write they are better than nothing. Associatedcontent.com and ezinearticles.com are two of the better ones to find free articles .

4. Use website traffic analyzers.

These free tools can be very useful for analyzing the traffic that you are getting on your website. You can learn how much you are getting, where its coming from and a lot more information. Tracewatch.com is a good free one.

5. Learn how to use web design templates.

Nowadays there are hundreds of custom designed web design templates you can download for free. Many of these can be customized to get the exact look you want on your site. It’s getting easier to design your own website as there are more and more sites that have free website builders coming online. These are usually limited in size but are good to get started with. Check out freewebsitetemplates.com for templates and myfreewebsitebuilder.com for websites.

6. Keep track of your website’s standing.

Search engine position trackers are tools that can be used to see your website position. Keyword Tracker at

digitalpoint.com/tools/keywords/ is free and very handy for search engine tracking. Alexa.com is a free tool that will let you see where your website ranks on the internet along with other useful information.

7. Get an autoresponder

An autoresponder is a very important and necessary tool if you plan to build a list for your internet marketing business. It’s the way you automatically send information to people who have requested it. There are a number of free ones such autoresponders4all.com. Most of the free ones have restrictions of various types and can be less reliable than the paid ones. This is probably the first thing to spend some of the money on that you’ve saved on the rest of your marketing. I recommend you take a look at aweber.com as it is the industry leader.

These 7 ways of getting free marketing tools and information are just a few of products and services that can be found on the internet. Remember the 4 letter word to use whenever you’re searching for something you need on the internet. That word is “FREE” and it will help you start your internet marketing business without hocking your soul.

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