5 Signs Self-Cannibalism Taking a Toll on iOS App Development

By | January 30, 2017
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If consumers have strong reasons to choose iOS, then businesses and marketers definitely have stronger reasons to target them. Perhaps, the latter cohort is fairly acquainted with the opportunities tapped in the affluent iOS consumer market. However, there are strong signals that iOS users are not so happy with the kind of experience they get from the apps installed. And this self-cannibalism not just erodes the trust of app owners but also those who are behind it, i.e. iOS app development companies. Root Info Solutions finds a deep echoing of the user dissatisfaction and urges iOS app developers, sometimes also  referred to as Swift app developers owing to the language used, to swing into the damage control mode.

54% of iOS Users Uninstall an App Due to Overwhelming Push Notifications

Excess of anything is bad! How come push notifications be an exception to it. What is considered as a key to drive user engagement can become a weapon to destroy the same. This is alarming for app owners. They should keep in mind that over promotion can backfire and compel users to uninstall the app. There is also a key takeaway for Swift app development professionals. A greater sense of responsibility lies with them in terms of integrating their app with the Apple Push Notification service to ensuring that user-experience is not getting compromised.

2. 64% iOS Users Don’t Return to an App Over 11 Times

This is again a lost ground and opportunity and likely to get captured none but the competitors in the market offering better mobile experience. That your app has got qualified by App Store or iTunes is a matter of pride, but it’s not enough to let you get conversions. Apart from innovating your products or services, you need to innovate the user experience of the app. Make the user’s journey easier and their experience rewarding. Urge your Swift app development company to keep your app relevant with time leveraging the capabilities of the iOS SDK, operating system and the device both.

3. Apps Resorting to Hype are More Prone to Uninstallation

This time, we shouldn’t blame the iOS app development company. Here the fault is with the marketing agency, if you have hired one. If not, obviously, you have to take the onus. You might be using multiple-channel of customer acquisition including organic, Google AdWords, social media ads and more. It’s cool, you are going right. But what is expected is to go ethically and portray the right capabilities of your app. Getting users is important but there is even more important to retain them in the long run.

4. Exit Gate is the Only Way if your App is too Inquisitive

Unless you offer some exclusive information or service that users can’t get anywhere else, it’s recommended not to go with too much of formalities regarding registration or signup. An app that asks for too many permissions or unnecessary information is likely to see the exit gate. Even if, you do so, keep the process as brief as possible because users today are  low in patience.

Social signup can provide a way to bypass the lengthy signup or registration process, but at times users are reluctant in getting the app connected with their social accounts. So based on the audience type and the product you market, adopt a balance allowing users to access app or information in a quick and easy manner.

5. Mundane Apps Have Few Takers

Users expect a great app. So just getting approved by App Store will not seal your fate. You have to make sure that your app has muscle to outdo competition and charm to make the head turn. The UX should be a show stopper elevating the level of infatuation in the users.

However, this is not an end to the list. Equip your app with the right mobile analytics tool to read what users want and take the right step. Some popular and proven analytics tools include Google Analytics, Mixpanel, Kissmetrics and Amplitude. Apart from improving UX, it also help you expedite your cross-sell and up-sell endeavors.

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